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May 19, 2013

Opinion Soup: Dumping DSLRs for NEX, Gear, Imaging Software, Inspiration, Tips, Business, Interviews, Digital Video, etc

A new "Opinion Soup" has arrived. This covers roughly the last two weeks of opinions! You can find the previous editions along with future editions (in the future) at the Opinion Soup archives... Audio opinions can be found in our recent Photography Podcast round-up...

Like the Opinion Soup round-ups? Want them to continue? It takes a lot of time to prepare them and they actually hurt the blog because every time Google sees a new episode with a hundred links, it barfs at this blog. If you would like to see more, you can help fund them by making some of your purchases through our affiliate links at and Adorama and B&H Photo and more at the NoisyMall.

Camera Gear
+ dumping Nikon DSLRs for Sony NEX by Stuck In Customs (via VSL)
+ what will smartphone cameras of the future look like? at dpreview connect (two pages)
+ eight things that can help save compact digital cameras (at least for now) at Pop Photo
+ eight reasons why I am a big believer in 35mm photography at Peta Pixel
+ camera manufacturer fiscal year analysis at Sans Mirror
+ toasters, Olympus E-M5, buying advice and more at The Online Photographer
+ on the mirrorless market share chart presented by Olympus at Sans Mirror
+ opinion on Hogan's mirrorless value opinion at SLR Lounge
+ the "limitations of DOF" at Sound Image Plus
+ how good a lens? at The Online Photographer
+ on inkjet photo papers at Luminous Landscape
+ the story of a disappearing negative review about an online retailer at Photocritic

Imaging Software: Creative Cloud Edition and more
+ top six Linux imaging editors according to Tech Radar
+ why the new Google Server Farm could displace Adobe Lightroom by Stuck in Customs
+ is Lightroom a gateway drug to the Creative Cloud? SLR Lounge (note: "gateway drug" is another horrid gift of the "war on drugs")
+ the Creative Cloud conundrum by Thomas Fitzgerald Photography
+ on the Adobe creative cloud by at Ming Thein (first half of post)
+ are we slaves to technology and software post-Creative-Cloud? at DPhotographer UK
+ Dear Apple, Let's Talk Photos at PetaPixel

Creativity, Inspiration, Essays, Etc
+ Digital Hangover at The Online Darkroom
+ why your pictures suck at ThePhoblographer (endorsed by Kirk Tuck)
+ 38 quotes on abstraction assembled by John Paul Caponigro
+ how one photographer rediscovered his passion after going legally blind via PetaPixel
+ three reasons to donate your time to non-profits at SLR Lounge
+ my experience photographing the Boston Marathon bombing at Petapixel
+ on hobbies and photographers at Ming Thein
+ how I found my niche at Blackstar Rising
+ fearlessly rejecting rejection at PentaXForums
+ help others grow through constructive critiques at SLR Lounge
+ first be a photographer at Lighting Essentials
+ the photographer as a philosopher part #1 at Ming Thein
+ the nice shot comment myth at DIY Photography
+ colorless squares at Robin Wong
+ Fukuoka without people at Ming Thein
+ 80 headshots in a single day at DIY Photography and Peta Pixel

Tips, Tutorials, Learnings
+ tips for wedding photographers from a weddings DJ at PetaPixel
+ going from exclusive RAW to mixing in some JPEGs at PetaPixel
+ 10 things a photographer should never do while shooting a wedding at Peta Pixel
+ introduction to restaurant food photography at F/Stoppers
+ the perverted photographer: things NOT to say at a photoshoot at SLR Lounge

+ Thomas Campbell at Peta Pixel
+ Carlos Hernandez at ePhotozine
+ Liu Bolin (video) via F/Stoppers
+ Belt Galton at Imaging Resource
+ Bruce Davidson (video) via ThePhoblographer
+ RED co-founder via Cinescopophilia
+ Platton via Duck Rabbit Info
+ Jamie Rose (audio) at Rosh Sillars
+ Teresa Franco (iPhoneography) at Photojojo
+ Joe McNally at Burn Magazine (via APE)
+ Brooke Shaden at SLR Lounge
+ Jenni Hogan (audio) at Chase Jarvis

+ traps that aspiring photographers can get caught in Part #1 and Part #2 at ThePhoblographer
+ saying no to jobs and getting paid at DIY Photography
+ how to sell your food photography at F/Stoppers
+ being busy is not a badge of honor at Tofurious
+ skills needed to thrive as a wedding photographer at Cameradojo
+ to Photoshop or not? the hard part of being a good photographer at PetaPixel

Business and Legal
+ Photo Theft and What You Can Do About It? at Photodoto
+ is Facebook the new breeding ground for infringement? at F/Stoppers
+ on orphan works laws in UK at Ming Thein (second half of post)
+ myth busting UK Orphan Works Law PDF file via ePhotozine
+ PMA explains why it is endorsing the national internet tax ("fair tax" is the euphemism) at PMA News Line
+ on children photo books at British Journal Of Photography
+ impact on new Google Images page on photographers website traffic via ThePhoblographer
+ anti-piracy website caught using photographs without permission via Peta Pixel

Digital Video
+ why you must have 4K RAW and why you absolutely don't need it by Philip Bloom
+ why I don't care about Canon 5D RAW video at Wide Open Camera
+ Philip Bloom at Need Creative podcast (audio)

On The Categories Above
A number of the opinions/posts could easily fit in multiple categories. Since this is not a library cataloging process, we pick one category. It may not always be the perfect category, but we can't create 100 different categories for 100 different posts :)

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