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May 25, 2013

Opinion Soup: Death of Professional Photographer and other existential issues, Gear, DIY, Re-enactments, Tips, Inspiration, Interviews, and more

Another week is in the books, and another edition of the Opinion Soup is here! And it is a jam-packed edition, this was a very busy week... You can find the previous 70 editions and the future editions (if reading this in the future) at the Opinion Soup archives... Note: the Flickr upgrade kerfuffle will be covered separately next week...

Like the Opinion Soup round-ups? Want them to continue? It takes a lot of time to prepare them and they actually hurt the blog because every time Google sees a new episode with a hundred links, it barfs at this blog. If you would like to see more, you can help fund them by making some of your purchases through our affiliate links at and Adorama and B&H Photo and more at the NoisyMall.

Professional Photographer Existential Issues
+ death of the professional photographer at Visual Science Lab
+ thoughts on amateur and professional photography at PetaPixel
+ what's the line between amateur and professional at Imaging Resource
+ 13 traits that make a photographer professional at Peta Pixel
+ do you have enough gear to be a professional? at F/Stoppers

+ ten cameras that defined an era (pre-WWII) at Quesabesde (computer translated)
+ the future is mirrorless and optical viewfinders will go away at Visual Science Lab
+ on their camera gear reviewing process at F/Stoppers
+ will custom firmware void your warranty? at DIY Photography
+ why gear lust and pixel-peeping are good for you at Peta Pixel
+ white balance lens caps make no sense at Photocritic (via DIYP)
+ radio vs infrared flash trigger video at SLR Lounge
+ when film goes bad at Ming Thein
+ more like play, less like work at Visual Science Lab
+ if you could design your ultimate camera what would it look like? at Visual Science Lab

What's In My Gear Bag?
+ Luminous at Luminous Landscape
+ Kevin Raber at Luminous Landscape

+ Kelsie's story: Young, Beautiful, Alive by Ryan Brenizer
+ Eggleston feature at WSJ Photojournal blog
+ Zen in the art of street photography at Erick Kim Photography
+ the life and soul of Gigi Giannuzzi at British Journal Of Photography
+ some weeks are anti-photographic - this was one of them at Visual Science Lab
+ the photographer as a philosopher part #2 at Ming Thein
+ a tale of two photos by Vincent Versace at Scott Kelby
+ the importance of fearlessness at PentaXforums website
+ this week in history, the death of Robert Capa at ThePhoblographer
+ capturing emotional military homecomings at Flickr blog
+ Memorial Day pictures at SLR Lounge
+ what printing can do for you at John Paul Caponigro
+ what printing can do for your images at John Paul Caponigro
+ light painting inspiration at SLR Lounge
+ how lucky can one guy be? at Steve Huff Photo
+ leaving your comfort zone at Steve Huff Photo
+ the power of the photo essay at The Phoblographer
+ composition by heart #1 at Luminous Landscape
+ ten Instagram photographers to follow nao at Peta Pixel
+ top ten best movies about photography compiled at F/Stoppers

DIY and Re-enactments
+ guerrilla lighting techniques for location photography at Pop Photo
+ experiment with subtractive lighting at Pop Photo
+ on assignment: (picture of a human with a) back to the wall at Strobist
+ zero setup one-shot photographing wedding cakes at Peta Pixel
+ how I photographed my own proposal at Petapixel and F/Stoppers
+ two strobe food tutorial at F/Stoppers (don't eat the strobes!)
+ DIY wedding photo ideas for tech savvy couples at Pop Photo
+ shoe photo shoot at Photigy
+ how to get a black background everywhere via DIY Photography
+ why I started creating my own locations at DIY Photography

Tips, Tutorials, Learnings
+ things to consider when shooting street photography at Robin Wong Photography
+ 10 lessons about street photography at Erick Kim Photography
+ making people look like individuals in portraits at DiY Photography
+ 4 lessons I learned from the Magnum workshop at Erick Kim Photography
+ shooting HDR composite imagery with people at Tyson Robichaud
+ seven tips for photographing strangers at ThePhoblographer
+ posing tips at Peta Pixel and SLR Lounge
+ how to package your wedding photos at SLR Lounge
+ light painting in product photography at Photigy
+ star trail tutorial video via SLR Lounge
+ six lighting techniques at Photodoto
+ seven rules to take good blurred photos at SLR Lounge
+ ten tips for looking better at Peta Pixel
+ thirteen tips on how to write an "X Tips How To" articles at somewhere :)
+ when and where to style your food photography at F/Stoppers (caution: glutten overload!)
+ take sharper smartphone pictures tips at CNet Australia
+ Cats drive creativity at Chase Jarvis

Imaging Editing, Software, Apps, Sharing
+ clearing the BS about Adobe's Creative Cloud at Foto Biz
+ the end of the Photoshop era at The Online Photographer
+ editorial photographer edits without Photoshop at F/Stoppers
+ dark energy for after effects at Hurlbut Visuals
+ considerations on choosing RAW over JPEG at Photofocus
+ on VP9 open video codec at Cinescopophiliac
+ the Flickr upgrade kerfuffle will be covered separately next week

+ Alec Soth Part #2 at A Photo Editor (part #1 is at the top of that page)
+ Kenji Oaki at A Photo Editor
+ Maggie Steber at Leica's own blog
+ Laura Saffiotti at Zeiss's official blog
+ Ashhley, a wedding photographers rep at PDN Online

Business and Legal
+ beware of the upcoming war against personal photography and video at Peta Pixel
+ still no real clarity on "Transformative Use" Appropriation art at The IP Law Blog (via APE)
+ on the World Press Photo controversy at British Journal of Photography
+ pricing and negotiating: regional fashion magazine at A Photo Editor
+ how to launch your photo career tips and resources at PDN Online
+ Star Trek analogy and photography careers at Star Pixel
+ $1 billion worth of stolen content on the Tumblr-Yahoo deal from a photography perspective at Plagiarism Today and Melcher System (via APE and APE)
+ the future is social infographic at F/Stoppers

A Day At The Improv
+ photography fads: your cat is your beard via Catpixel via Laughing Cat Squid via Know Your Meme (not Mimi!) via Cat Stoppers and ThePhoblographer.meow
+ the most demanding photographer at What Blog Is This?
+ how to photographer kids by a former kid at Peta Pixel
+ how photographers would look like in a Google Glass dominated era by GoGroVo on YouTube (via Petapixel and SLR Lounge) - also YouTube-embedded below

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