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May 16, 2013

New Photography Podcast Episodes talking Adobe Cloud, Photography As Art and More

Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner and that may mean more travel with trains, planes and automobiles, so this may be a good time to spend idle travel time "on topic" without working - with some photography podcasts! These are some of the most recent camera and photography podcast episodes:

This is a long post with 16 different podcasts included...

+ This Week In Photography talking Adobe Cloud and more - iTunes - Twitter - RSS feed

+ Shuttertime with Sid and Mac talking Adobe Cloud and more - iTunes - Stitcher - Twitter - RSS feed

+ Digital Photo Experience with Rick Sammon and Juan Pons talking about light and LR5, interviewing Adobe - iTunes - Twitter - RSS feed

+ Photo Kibitz - what makes a photograph art with National Gallery of Canada photography curator Ann Thomas - iTunes - Twitter

+ Improve Photography featuring the Ultimate Photography FAQ - Previous episode was "Tools or Toys? M43rds vs DSLRs" - iTunes - Twitter - RSS feed

+ On Taking Pictures talking Steven Soderbergh and more - iTunes - 5by5 - RSS feed

+ The Digital Story talking Canon Powershot N, Sigma 17-70mm and more - iTunes - Twitter - RSS feed

+ Scott Kelby Media's The Grid (video podcast) talking new technology and ideas - iTunes

+ Photofocus featuring Skip Cohen talking Fuji X100S, Canon SL1, Pentax WG-3 - iTunes - Libsyn - RSS feed

+ Photography Tips from the Top Floor talking macro ratios on crop sensors and interview with youngest fan - iTunes - more ways to listen

+ The Two Hosers Photo Show talking Gels and more - iTunes - Twitter - Podbean

+ Photography 101 talking Lomography and Fuji Instax and more - iTunes - Twitter - also available as $2 app at Amazon App Store and iTunes

+ Camera World with John Ricard talking MET Gala, Instagram models, and more - iTunes - Twitter - RSS feed

+ The Lonely Photographers talk Canada Photo Convention and more - iTunes - Twitter - RSS feed

+ Photo Walkthrough (video podcast) - Marillion Concert Panorama - Kayleigh? - iTunes - Twitter - RSS feed

+ ISO 5571 (Disney photography podcast, not a typo!) answering Twitter questions - iTunes - Twitter - RSS feed

The above is a sampling of some of the most recent photography podcasts. Inclusion in the list does not necessarily mean endorsement. Not-inclusion does not necessarily mean not-endorsement. We have not (and cannot) listen to every podcast episode before posting time-sensitive round-ups of this kind, so YMMV depending on what you are interested in.

If you have any favorite podcasts you listen or participate in and you would like to see featured in future round-ups, please let us know using the online contact form. We can't find everything! Because Google Translate doesn't work with audio (yet?), we can only include in-english podcasts.

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