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May 15, 2013

Compacts with RAW Prices snapshot in a single Giant Chart (visual reference)

Yesterday we brought you the Mirrorless Cameras Price Chart (a snapshot in time), today we have a new Price Chart for you. We take a look at Compacts (Fixed Lens Cameras) with RAW (RAW support out of the box). To keep the chart at a readable size, we only include cameras with a sensor size of 1/1.8" and larger. There is a handful of superzooms at the 1/2.x" level that would have made the chart almost twice as long and ten times more unreadable.

The prices are a snapshot in time, the snapshot was taken on May-15-2013 in the afternoon. The prices will not be updated in the chart below. It is a snapshot. The prices are the lowest price between Amazon and Adorama and B&H Photo. More details on the data after the chart...

If you wish to repost the chart on your website/blog/forum, be sure to include a proper credit/reference to this post.

We have two versions of the chart. The first is the most readable one, it is without the three more expensive models that turn the chart into an L-shape, the Sony RX1 ($2800), Leica X2 ($1995) and Fuji X100 Limited Edition ($1500) aka the "chart ruiners" :) The second chart is less readable but more complete with the three most expensive cameras included...

bar chart of prices of compacts with RAW as of may 15 in 2013

bar chart of prices of compacts with RAW as of may 15 in 2013

Where Did The Prices Come From
The prices are a snapshot in time, the snapshot was taken on May-15-2013 in the afternoon. This particular chart is frozen in time, the prices will NOT be updated.

The prices are the lowest price for each camera between Amazon and Adorama and B&H Photo. The more retailers we check, the longer this exercise would take, so we limited it to three of the most recognizable benchmark retailers. A lot of other well-known retailers sell at Amazon, so in a way, Amazon is a price-search-engine of its own.

The prices are for new condition models, USA warranty models, not imports/gray-market/etc. At Amazon, we only took into consideration the lowest price between Amazon herself and reputable + authorized 3rd-party sellers. Some of the 3rd-party sellers at Amazon are not authorized and some are not reputable - we ignored those! If we were not certain whether a retailer was authorized/reputable and we couldn't easily figure it out, we ignored their prices.

For cameras with multiple body colors, we picked the lowest price among the various body colors.

Free accessories and other promotions are not factored in the chart above - if they were, we would never finish this for a number of reasons (eg figuring out real world value for the free accessories or other bonuses).

The chart grew way too long, so we did not include cameras with sensors 1/2.x" or smaller. There are quite a few superzooms that offer RAW when you factor in the last 2-3 years. This was done for practical purposes for this particular snapshot, it doesn't mean they won't be included in future charts. Likewise, some other older cameras were not included in order to keep the chart at a manageable size.

If a camera was not available for purchase at any of the three retailers per the requirements above, it is not included. That's why you don't see the Fuji X100 or the Leica X1.

Typos/Errors/Confusions Always A Possibility
As always, typos/errors/confusions are always a possibility. If you notice any, please let us know in the comments or using the online contact form.

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