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May 16, 2013

Can any of these three (Usain Bolt, Best Buy, Chase Jarvis) help Samsung's NX mirrorless system?

Samsung was one of the first to jump on the mirrorless bandwagon, divorcing their DSLR K-wife in doing so. And they have APS-C size sensors. And the Samsung brand name recognition and popularity is skyrocketing thanks to their Galaxy smartphones. Yet, their NX system continues to be in the shadow of the other mirrorless systems. And that's being polite :)

A trio of new developments may help Samsung's NX system get more exposure, directly or indirectly.

First up, the fastest person on earth, Usain Bolt. He generated some viral excitement in the world of photography when he grabbed a photographer's Nikon DSLR during the Olympics, but while Nikon marketing was happy to get all the free viral attention from the event, they did not secure Usain Bolt's endorsement. Samsung did! They are currently running a Samsung NX300 promotion with Usain Bolt, which you can see through the Samsung Imaging blog.

Second down, a new agreement between Samsung and Best Buy to install "Samsung Experience" sections at select Best Buy stores. These will be high profile sections inside Best Buy stores spotlighting Samsung's products. Samsung will have an opportunity to put their NX system in front of a lot more people than usual. Will it work? You can see a 12-picture slide show of a model "Samsung Experience" at

Third down, Chase Jarvis. Not directly, but these type of things can work by osmosis as well. Chase Jarvis was commissioned by Samsung to film his colorful dream as part of a promotion for the Samsung Series 9 high-end computer monitors. Just having the name of Chase Jarvis associated with Samsung can have a tide effect on the Samsung brand among photographers. A detailed behind the scenes of this wild photo shoot is at the Chase Jarvis blog and the video YouTube-embedded below...

Fourth down, will any of these three plays help them move the chains or will they have to punt again?

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