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April 22, 2013

Attention Shoppers: National Internet Sales Tax for the US is coming [update: vote to proceed is 74-20]

Attention shoppers! The Senate is debating a new bill that would set the foundation for a National Internet Sales Tax for the United States of America. The debate, as of the time of writing, is happening live now in the Senate, which you can watch online at the C-SPAN2 website or your cable/satellite/IPTV service. Flash required. No embed widget. Closed captioning is available as an option.

UPDATE (5:55pm ET): The vote to move forward ended. 74 Senators voted in the affirmative. Only 20 voted against it. This is not the final vote on the bill yet, but the number of votes it got in the "test vote" is a sign that it may actually pass without having to "sweat" the 60 vote hurdle!

UPDATE (5:53pm ET): Vote continues, but going by the names of those voting in the affirmative, it may have more than enough votes to clear the 60 vote hurdle

UPDATE (5:30pm ET): The vote to end debate is happening right now in the Senate (C-SPAN2). The clerk will call the roll.

The bill's name is yet another great example of euphemism, the "Marketplace Fairness Act" supported by Walmart and other giant chain stores. eBay is the leading opponent of this bill. Amazon has already surrendered to many states requiring sales tax collection. You can read the bill S.743 at

The first test vote is at 5:30pm ET, this is a vote to end debate and proceed with the bill. This is not a vote for passage of the bill. "Cloture on the Motion To Proceed". Is it not time to modernize the language or if not, bring back the wigs!

The current situation is rounded up at The Verge.

Photographers selling their own used gear should be okay, unless you have a big studio that churns through equipment. A minimum of $1 million in sales per year is required for an online seller to be required to play tax collector for every state, county, municipality, and collective of hippies :)

*** live update in progress ***
*** more coming up ***

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