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March 14, 2013

Dxomark results: Leica M Type 240 Dxo-DESTROYS the M-E and M9s

Oppa Dxomark time! Dxomark is back with Part II of their Leica M-series adventure! They have published their test results for the latest iPad model, to use Apple speak, the Leica M Type 240. They have not yet published the test results that go in the Dxomark database (the M Type 240 page is empty of results) but they have revealed the scores in their review of the M T240...

... So here is their introduction and the measurement discussion (the test results are revealed here via screenshot) and here is their comparative review and conclusions.

The M Type 240 has an asking price of essentially $7000 but it remains in a state of preorder at B&H Photo and Adorama.

And the comparative review is the big wow (in Dxomark terms) as the M Type 240 _destroys_ the Leica M-E Type 220 and the older M9p! Holy-CMOS-sensor-cow!!!

The M Type 240 test results are not (as of the time of writing) included in the Dxomark database, so we cannot do our usual link-a-thon comparison-a-thon. But you can visually replace the M9/M-E results with the M T240 using the link-a-thon comparison-a-thon in our previous Leica M-E/M9* impact review alert.

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