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March 10, 2013

Dxomark evaluates three Leica M Digital Rangefinders (M9p, M9, M-E 220)

Oppa Leica style! Dxomark has a three-for-one special on Leica M-series digital rangefinders as they have published the results of three M-series digitals, the M9, the M9p, and the M-E Type 220. Coming at a later time is their evaluation of the two co-leaders of the pack, the M Type 240 and the M-Monochrome.

Here are the results for each one of the three cameras (Flash needed in order to see the more detailed test results): Leica M9 and Leica M9p and Leica M-E Type 220.

Dxomark also published their group evaluation of the three M-cameras, starting with their introduction and their comparison of the three (you are not seeing in triplicate, although the M-E ISO score difference is interesting to note) and their comparison to other full frame cameras and their conclusions.

Comparison Vs Sony RX1
While there are plenty of full frame DSLRs/iLCs out there, the camera that is perhaps the biggest competitor to the Leica M-series cameras is the Sony RX1. Full frame sensor and a high quality prime lens is one of the main reasons Leica M-cameras are popular with some photographers. Plus it reignites the Leica vs Zeiss rivalry as the RX1 uses a Zeiss lens (which by the way went through the lens review testing grind in late February at Dxomark).

Since the M9 and M9p scores are very similar (very expected result), here is a comparison between the Leica M9p vs M-E Type 220 vs Sony RX1. Oh my! Don't look Leica fans! Don't look! Don't look! You have been warned!

Comparison Vs Other Leicas
+ Leica M9 vs M9p vs M-E Type 220: the newly measured trio
+ M9p vs M-E Type 220 vs M8
+ trio vs M Type 240 vs M Monochrome (not measured yet)

Comparison Vs Other Cameras
Since the results of the M trio measured in this set are similar, we will use the M9 as the representative. We were going to use the M-E T220, but accidentally used the M9. Since the results are similar, refer to the Leica M-trio comparisons above to see how the other two would do.

+ M9 vs Fuji X100: vs APS-C prime
+ M9 vs Fuji X100s vs Leica X1 vs X2 vs Nikon A vs Sigma DP-series (not measured yet)
+ M9 vs Epson RD1* (not measured - I think hope is lost on these getting DXo measured)
+ M9 vs Nikon D3x vs D800: vs Nikon high-megapixel full framers
+ M9 vs Nikon D4 vs D3s: vs low-megapixel speed demons
+ M9 vs Canon 1D X vs 1D IV: vs Canon 1D*
+ M9 vs Sony A99 vs A900

We could go on for hours and hours, but it will be beyond pointless. It's not like anyone buys Leicas because of their Dxomark performance ;-)

As usual, do keep in mind, Dxomark is only a specific test suite, it is not intended to be an end-to-end camera system evaluation. For more opinions on these Leica M-cameras, check the list of completed Leica M-camera reviews.

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