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March 14, 2013

Amazon flirts with photographers with new Lens Finder feature

Amazon sells just about everything, you can even buy live ladybugs there! But they have apparently began paying more attention to cameras and photography. A few days ago they tested/launched a "Bundles feature", so you don't have to chase the individual pieces of a promotion. Today, while browsing around, I noticed an even more helpful feature, the Lens Finder. You pick your camera of interest, and the Lens Finder finds compatible lenses with it. Here is an example for the Nikon D7000 DSLR. I obviously haven't gone through all cameras and lenses, so there might be some early bugs/mismatches. Maybe you'll get a compatible ladybug as well ;-)

As of the time of writing, the following mounts are included in this feature: Nikon (FX, DX, CX), Canon (strangely divided in EOS and D-Rebel with the EOS-M included with the non-D-Rebel DSLRs under EOS), Fuji X-series, Olympus (OM-D, E-Pens, E-series (strangely the E-PL5 is there with the E-5)), Panasonic M43rds, and Sony (A-mount, E-mount). Fans of Pentax, Samsung, Leica and Sigma start sending letters, emails and faxes to Jeff Bezos!

You may see this feature on individual product pages of cameras that have this feature enabled or you can start from the Nikon D7000 page and change the manufacturer and select the mount and then the individual camera. Follow the green lines in the annotated screenshot crop below:


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