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February 14, 2013

Troublemakers of the Day: Adobe and Instagram [updated]

Just a couple of days after Adobe decided to drop their inflated Creative Cloud subscription prices in Australia after the Australian government decided to look into the matter more closely, Adobe is causing mischief in the digital markets. They amended the terms of their Director 12 software, asking software developers who publish iOS apps using Director 12 to pay Adobe (!!!) 10% of their earnings over $20,000. This is 10% of what is left after Apple takes its 30% "fair share". Keep in mind, Director 12 is not free software. You pay hundreds of dollars to purchase it. Even owners of Director 11.5 have to pay $300 to upgrade to version 12. Details at Adobe Forums and 9 to 5 Mac and more via Techmeme.

This is perhaps disturbing from a photographer's perspective as a trend. What if Adobe starts demanding professional photographers using the Creative Cloud or Lightroom to pay 10% of their earnings? Perhaps it is high time a competitive alternative to Adobe software developed and was embraced, if nothing else, in order to have a more balanced and competitive market.

The other troublemaker, Instagram, wants the class action lawsuit against their grabby terms of service thrown out because the user could have deleted their account. Instagram continues to attack the strawman, insisting that the owner owns their content as if that was the main problem with their new grabby terms. The main issue with Instagram's new terms is that they would be able to profit from a photographers content without the photographer's permission and without compensating the photographers. Instagram doesn't want ownership of the content, they want to make money from it and get away with it without paying or getting permission. Details at Reuters and more via Techmeme.

Needless to say, both are disturbing trends. The companies that offer the tools (in both cases) now want a share of the profits from the creative work done with the tools. And in the case of Adobe, you pay hundreds if not thousands to purchase the tools! The squeeze on the creative class is on!

Adobe CEO caught on video Playing Dumb When to Asked To Justify Australian Prices
At a press conference in Sydney::Australia, Delimiter kept trying to get the Adobe CEO to justify the $1400 price difference between Creative Suite in Australia and elsewhere but to no avail... Video YouTube-embedded below...

Via The Verge.

Adobe is in even more trouble today, added security features in Adobe Reader where not turned on by default, opening users to the potential of zero day exploits as outlined at Ars Technica (via Ms Techmeme).

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