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February 11, 2013

Opinion Soup: Gear, Lenses, Self-Publishing Photo Book, DIY, Inspiration, Lightroom, Interviews, Business, etc

Opinions are like the wind. They blow in different directions. They can hit you in the face. Hard. And mess up your hair. This is a new Opinion Soup! For previous episodes, check the Opinion Soup archives... This is a day late, but better late than a week late! This is a jam-packed edition, in terms of both quality and quantity. It roughly covers the last two weeks.

Gear - General
+ Full Frame Equivalence and Why It DOESN'T matter at Admiring The Light
+ can the Sony RX1 truly replace your DSLR at Digital Camera Info (as seen in Cameraholic Digest as well)
+ Thom Hogan opines on the dpreview CP Plus interviews at Sans Mirror
+ the rise of the multicopter and aerial photography series at Planet 5D
+ business advantages of Medium Format vs DSLRs at Kern Photo (via CI blog)
+ should you upgrade to (35mm) Full Frame? at Foto-Biz
+ perception is everything/nothing at Sound Image Plus
+ the case against Micro Four Thirds at What Blog Is This?
+ why I bought a 4 year old camera at F/Stoppers
+ film diaries: the Hasselblad V-series cameras at Ming Thein
+ opinion on retro cameras at DPhotographer UK
+ 2012 camera sales analysis at Sans Mirror (I think I posted it somewhere else before, but I lost track in the chaos)
+ how will Jessops closure affect camera sales at DPhotographer UK
+ what the Smart Camera could mean for Apple at dpreview iConnect
+ Samsung Chromebook from a photographer's perspective at ThePhoBlographer

Gear - Lenses
+ why I love the 50mm equivalent lens, in text and in pictures by Robin Wong
+ crazy lens stuff, wide open and up close at Visual Science Lab
+ crazy photographer buys wacky off brand 85mm. What was he thinking at Visual Science Lab
+ a case for Rokinon primes for night photography at Borrow Lenses blog
+ thoughts on M43rds lenses at Roving Photographer
+ ten reasons why I prefer primes at Photofocus
+ oh no! we forgot the most important holiday of all - National Pancake Day at Digital Camera Review
+ prime price paradox of fixed lens digital cameras - then vs now at 1001 Crazy Cameras

Self-Publishing Photography Books
+ Self-Publishing a Landscape Photography Book by Peter Cox at Luminous Landscape

DIY, and Hacks
+ the usual cautions and carefulness apply if trying risky DIY and Hacks
+ three ways to bare bulb your flash at DIY Photography
+ etching square format lines onto a DSLR focusing screen at Peta Pixel
+ replacing the motor for the sensor brush of the Visible Dust product at Lightning Mods
+ how to make your DSLR battery last 4 times longer at DIY Photography
+ convert your DSLR battery into a powersupply at Instructables (via PP)
+ painted backgrounds at Visual Science Lab
+ lightning diagrams when using your office hallway at Office Stoppers
+ lighting diagrams for Gradient Backdrops at F/Stoppers
+ lighting diagrams on shooting products on black at F/Stoppers
+ creating explosive coffee and milk photographs at F/Stoppers
+ PSA: milk is intended to be consumed by cow babies, not humans

Tips and Tutorials and .edu
+ review and critique (studio tabletop photography) at Photigy with Alex Koloskov
+ things to consider when shooting a timelapse at Philip Bloom
+ composition checklist at Luminescene Photo
+ how should you frame a photograph Part #1 at The Online Photographer and now Part #2
+ don't sell yourself short with bad photos at Revell Photography
+ should you use music (podcast episode #60) at Tips from the Top Floor
+ maximizing dynamic range at Neocamera
+ seven tips to succeed in an unplanned photoshoot at SLR Lounge
+ keeping your RAW files is a good idea at Sound Image Plus
+ Speedlite battery tips at Pixsylated
+ ten tips for better mobile photography at dpreview Connect
+ origins of photography at KEH blog
+ dealing with cranky clients at The Digital Storry
+ practical ways to avoid burnout at Presentation Points (via PMA NL) [did somebody say burnout???]
+ best of their 2012 tutorials rounded up at Pixiq

Lightroom themed
+ for some reason, everyone decided to write Lightroom-themed posts this week so it got its own section
+ how to tether your camera at Photography Life
+ how to apply star ratings, flags and labels in Lightroom at eLightroomZine
+ useful Lightroom shortcuts at Foto-Biz
+ fake depth of field in Lightroom at Cameradojo
+ 17 reasons why Lightroom is useful for photographers at eLightroomZine
+ Lightroom presets at Photodoto

Creativity, Inspiration, Intangibles
+ what makes a good photographer by Ming Thein
+ the myth of the uncompromising photographer at Shutterfinger
+ anatomy of a winning ad (from a photography perspective), SuperBowl's "So God Made a Farmer" at Photography Life
+ Austin Mann guest-blog-posts at Scott Kelby Photoshop Insider
+ five assignments to inspire and keep you fresh in 2013 at Black Star Rising
+ are copycat photographers bringing you down? at F/Stoppers
+ engage your non-photographer readers at F/Stoppers
+ on creating a new bio by Pixsylated
+ universal truths and consequences at Foto Biz
+ be flexible at Beyond Megapixels
+ the next disruption by Ross Sillars
+ eleven favorite photography quotes by and at
+ life is a like a camera at Photoxels

Photo Blogging and Socialist Media
+ Wordpress vs Squarespace for photo-blogging at Thomas Fitzgerald Photography
+ getting started with Adobe Muse, video tutorial by Adobe's Terry L. White
+ SEO tips for photographers at F/Stoppers
+ three things to improve your site SEO at Black Star Rising
+ SEO strategeries for photographers at BlackStar Rising

Etc, Etc, Etc
+ how to manage your administrative tasks as a photographer at F/Stoppers
+ photojournalism and privacy debate rounded up at PetaPixel
+ I photographed my own wedding, guest post at Petapixel
+ Paparazzi scaring the ladies at Conscientious Extended (via PP)
+ five changes for the worse in photography at Photofocus
+ why ISO 1600 is not ISO 1600 is not ISO 1600 at What ISO is This?
+ on cheap criticism at The Online Critic
+ remembering the Polaroid SX-70 at PhotoXels

+ Ben Lowry, war photography with an iPhone at Eye Em Blog (via DC)
+ Q&A after US Navy Aircraft carrier photoshoot at Scott Kelby Photoshop Insider
+ Photography Bay with Photo Tips video interview at Photography Bay and PhotoBiz YouTube Channel
+ Jennifer Shaw at A Photo Editor
+ Diana King, from assistant to professional at PDN Online
+ John Paul Caponigro video interview at B&H Real Exposures
+ Renne Roby at DIY Photography (NSFW pictures)
+ reader questions turned interview style with Scott Kelby at Scott Kelby Photoshop Insider
+ The Nostalgic Black & White Photos of Japan: Interview with Street Photographer Junku Nishimura at Erik Kim Photography
+ Lloyd Bishop and The Commotions at F/Stoppers
+ Andrea Fischman on "How to photograph couples" at ThePhoBlographer
+ Joe Petersburger at CPN Europe (two pages)
+ Leslie Baldwin (photo editor in Texas) at I Love TeXas Photo (via APE)
+ interview with a collector (Vivian Maier collection) at Chase Jarvis

Business and Legal
+ The Pricing Game at Ming Thein
+ the TOP Model for Print Sales at The Online Photographer
+ on Looklet and digitally creating licenseable pictures of humans at Photography Life
+ on some photographers not collecting sales taxes at Planet 1099
+ rant on PayPal at Ming Thein
+ Walmart Canada Photo Center rights grabby kerfuffle via PetaPixel
+ know your rights when taking pictures in public at Black Star Rising
+ Portland charging for photography of its iconic sign (not an episode of Portlandia!) via Petapixel
+ five ways to never become successful at F/Stoppers
+ Facebook and your copyrights by Foto Biz

A Day at The Improv
+ difference between Instagram and Vine at Willa's World (via PP, LS) [EPIC!]

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