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February 26, 2013

Opinion Soup: Gear, DIY, Tips, Controversies, Inspiration, Interviews, Business, etc

The time has come for a new edition of the Opinion Soup. It covers about the last two weeks of opinionated action. If you missed any previous versions, check the Opinion Soup archives - there are 65 previous editions waiting for you, including a very jam-packed early February edition.

Gear in General
+ which is more important? Lighting? Camera? Lens? at SLR Lounge
+ where does Pentax go from here? at Sound Image Plus
+ the death of the SLR at Canon Blogger
+ are today's lenses good enough for a 72mp DSLR? at diggLloyd (free to read)
+ 4K smartphones are coming (how dead are P&S digital cameras?) at SLR Lounge
+ on ...i-watch-o-graphy and more at Visual Science Lab
+ more on camera manufacturer financial results at Sans Mirror Journal
+ I love vintage cameras by John Neel at Pixique

Gear - Specific Products
+ is there room for a Nikon D400? at Photography Life
+ color and benefits of the 20mp Sony APS-C sensor at Photo Club Alpha
+ on the Sony NEX-7, RX1, IQ and dpreview review at Sound Image Plus
+ on the Sony Alpha A57, it's Sony's D-Rebel at Visual Science Lab
+ is the NEX-7 the perfect camera for stock photography? at Sound Image Plus
+ I like this lens because it's good and crappy at the same time at Visual Science Lab and more and more and more
+ using manual focus lenses on a Pentax DLSR by PentaxForums on YouTube (via Yvon B.)
+ setting up the Fuji X-E1 for street photography at Mike Kobal

DIY and Hacks
+ turn your old lens into a tilt-shift lens at F/Stoppers
+ kill the background with speedlights at Borrow Lenses blog
+ how to setup a remote camera, step by step video by Scott Kelby
+ how to make a perfect proposal in a photography studio at DIY Photography
+ take your food photography out of the kitchen at F/Chefs
+ building a 6x17 panoramic medium format camera at ThePhoblographer

Tips and Tutorials and Edu
+ understanding histograms at Photography Life
+ easily fine-tune your flash from camera at Le Strobist
+ general workflow tips at Ming Thein
+ introduction to lens adapters at Pop Photo (previously mentioned stand-alone)
+ 9-minute video on color perception by VSauce on YouTube (via DIYP)
+ will my old flash fry my new remotes? at Le Strobist
+ treat your zoom lenses as a series of primes via PetaPixel
+ on camera handling at Sound Image Plus
+ how to hold it at Cameradojo
+ image noise good for forensics at Four And Six (via PetaPixel)
+ overposing can ruin the moment PP Magazine
+ constructive critique episode #14 (video) at SLR Lounge

Creativity, Inspiration, Etc
+ Olivia Bee, 18 year old photography prodigy at Flickr blog, Photoxels et al
+ Americans by Robert Frank discussed on All Things Considered (audio + text) [via APE]
+ Jay Maisel 7-minute video documentary on YouTube (via APE)
+ the value of experience (you need to be creating 12-20 amazing images day-in and day-out) at (via APE)
+ on the War photography exhibit at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts at A Photo Editor
+ My photography records the arc of my existence and of those around me at Visual Science Lab
+ nine lessons I learned about street photography in 2012 at Erik Kim Photography
+ shooting personal work is a must at F/Stoppers
+ Kate Breakey at the Witliff Collections at A Photo Editor
+ in defense of ruin porn at PDN Pulse
+ what you eliminate is just as important as what you include at John Paul Caponigro
+ does originality exist in photography at DPhotographer UK
+ lessons learned as a storm chasing photographer at PetaPixel

+ Thomas Hawk at the Flickr blog
+ Mark Probst on photographing Burning Man at ThePhoblographer
+ Sebastien Calvet at Focus Numerique (in French)
+ Miller Mobley at F/Stoppers
+ Martin Stranka at ePhotozine
+ Christian Patterson at (via APE)
+ David Bram of Fraction Magazine at F/Stoppers
+ Nikon Tavernise at F/Stoppers
+ Pentax at CP Plus 2013 at PentaxForums
+ Alan Jessop on the Jessops buyout at Amateur Photographer UK
+ imaging sensor conference interviews rounded up at Image Sensors World and more

Business and Professional
+ print rights: to sell or not to sell? at Black Star Rising
+ thoughts and advice for those considering a career in photography at Ming Thein
+ how creatives can win at the PR game with Ryan Holiday at Chase Jaarvis
+ pricing and negotiating: tv network work made for hire at A Photo Editor
+ ten myths about being a professional photographer at Blackstar Rising
+ dealing with guests-acting-as-photographers at Photo Lovecat (wedding photography)
+ how to start a photobooth at SLR Lounge
+ use tiny DSLR USB drives to get attention at Peta Pixel
+ three things that make your photo website successful (video) at Black Star Rising
+ six marketing ideas at Blackstar Rising
+ are you a sucker for technology upgrades? at Photo Love Cat

Imaging Software
+ How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Convert My NEFs with Lightroom 4 at Luminescent Photo
+ create an HDR image using simple Photoshop layering at SLR Lounge
+ the right click disable fallacy at Pixiq
+ should you want the Adobe Creative Cloud? at F/Stoppers
+ ten things to know when getting started with the Creative Cloud by Adobe's Terry L. White
+ how Photoshop World became seven conferences under one roof (video) by Scott Kelby
+ creating a vignette effect at ePhotozine
+ watermarking at ePhotozine

Mobile Photography and Photo Sharing and Social Media
+ you should be a social media ambivert (not an Rx drug) at Blackstar Rising
+ 15 reasons why your Instagram followers hate you at Photodoto
+ 32+ Tumblrs street photographers should follow at Erik Kim Photography

+ misrepresentation in picture of the year winning photo at Bag News and TOP and PetaPixel and Quesabesde
+ darkrooms are irrelevant and the truth matters by Photoshelter co-founder at Peta Pixel (via APE)
+ Disaster photography - when is documentary exploitation? at Art News (via DuckRabbit)
+ photographer sues fan site for $600K over 4 member uploaded photos via PetaPixel
+ the year is 2013 yet we still have same sex marriage picture controversies
+ F/Stoppers reviews SLR Lounge LR presets
+ Window Watching project at high-rise apartment complex in Hong Kong via Peta Pixel
+ are ethnic props ethical? at The Travel Photographer

Cliche Shaming
+ 33 tired and dated photographic cliches at Lighting Essentials
+ JJ Abrams on the Mystery Box via John Paul Caponigro - apparently none of the TED people singing his praises saw the ending of LOST ;-)

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