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February 21, 2013

Nikon Mirrorless headaches: entry-level model S1 scores better than V2 and J3 at Dxomark

Nikon has the advantages of the duopoly, but in a very competitive mirrorless market, they came out of the gate with the second smallest sensor (Pentax Q is the smallest, but Pentax also released an APS-C K-mirrorless camera). Now that Dxomark has published their Nikon S1 test results, their mirrorless camera line-up looks even more strange. In a three-tier line-up, the Nikon S1, the entry-level model, has a better Dxomark score than the J3 and V2 - see Dxomark comparison. And Nikon wants $750 for the V2 body only. Meanwhile the Nikon S1 with a zoom lens goes for $500. And the older Nikon V1 with two zoom lenses goes for $400. The Logictron 5000 explodes when fed this data!

Not to take anything away from the cameras - they are what they are and the pictures they take are not undone by this. But this is a competitive and dynamic market, photographers who are not married to a specific brand or system are comparing and contrasting, and in this light, this looks very uncompetitively unusual.

For reviews of all the existing Nikon CX 1-System cameras, check the list of reviews of Nikon CX cameras.

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