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February 05, 2013

New Sinar eMonitor Universal Colorimeter

Sinar has announced via email (I can't find it on their website) the new Sinar eMonitor Universal Colorimeter. Initial prices are 2000 euro or $2760 USD.

This is the unedited text of their email announcement:

Display Calibration for Highest Color Accuracy

If your business depends on how accurately your monitors render color, the Sinar eMonitor is an attractive choice. Unlike other colorimeters, Sinar eMonitor has been designed to be a lab-grade instrument of the highest quality.

Contact Measurement
Tele Measurement
Unlimited use with various devices
Monitors, Projectors, Ambient Light
Temperature consistent
Complete set in fitted case

The Sinar eMonitor is made for the exact measurement of monitors, projectors, large format displays, viewing booths and continuous ambient light sources. When used in combination with Sinar Digital Backs using Sinar’s CaptureFlow software with its fully color-managed workflow, the Sinar eMonitor Colorimeter adds precision profiling for your Displays as part of a truly color-managed professional workflow.

Contact Measurement – The eMonitor device is suspended from the integrated tape measure. Makes emissive Display contact measurements that exclude interference from ambient light.

Tele Measurement – Using the eMonitor Tele accessory, allows ambient light measurements from a distance on a desktop stand (Metamerism).

A Site Licence is included which offers unlimited use with various devices and by multiple users on different computers.

Sinar eMonitor Calibration System CHF 2'490.- / Euro 1'990.- / US$ 2'760.-
Prices are indicative only and are subject to variation due to currency fluctuation, freight, taxes, handling and insurance costs.

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