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February 18, 2013

New Camera Announcements: Casio EX-ZS30 (20mp 1/2.x" CCD), EX-N5 and EX-N50 P&S

I think we need a new name for these type of cameras. We will call them, Morrissey style, the "Everyday Is Like Sunday" digital cameras. And Casio has announced three new ones, one of which, the new ZS30, has a 20mp 1/2.x" CCD sensor (goodbye 1080p and hello 720p video). They can't afford a CMOS sensor for it but they won't let go of the Megapixel Wars ;-)

Read more about the EX-ZS30 at and dpreview and check the detailed spec sheet at Exilim. Kamera and Bild has the best headline for it, "pixelbomb".

Read more about the EX-N5 and EX-N50 at FotoIntern with detailed spec sheet and and dpreview and

And while Casio is not making any serious cameras, they appear to be serious about promoting them. DSLR Magazine participated (translated) in the Casio ZR Japan Tour, with samples shot with Casio EX-ZR cameras.

These three bring the new digital cameras in 2013 to around 93. While we had a wild January this year, February has been very very quiet. This is the first official new digital camera announcement this month. Compared to this, early February 2012 was a wild month with lots of camera announcements including the Nikon D800s, Olympus E-M5, Ricoh GXR sensor+lens module, Pentax K-01, etc.

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