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February 21, 2013

New 24mp Nikon D7100 APS-C dSLR without anti-aliasing filter for $1200

Nikon is slowly but steadily progressing upwards in their APS-C DSLR line-up and releasing new 24-megapixel models. The latest new model is the Nikon D7100, a follow-up to the critically-acclaimed D7000. The D7100 also jumps on the 24mp APS-C bandwagon like the D3200 and D5200 but does away with the low-pass/anti-aliasing filter.

Nikon D7100 pre-orders
+ body only for $1200 at Amazon
+ more at the Stock Status page, Javascript-embedded right below

Nikon D7100 previews
+ five page preview at dpreview along with discussion
+ Imaging Resource
+ ePhotozine
+ Photography Blog (lots of camera body pictures)
+ Camera Labs
+ The Verge with camera body picture gallery
+ Engadget
+ video previews are at the bottom of this post

Nikon D7100 Samples
+ six full size JPEG samples taken by the same photographer at Nikon Imaging

Nikon D7100 Announcement Coverage
+ dpreview
+ CNet News - comparison with other APS-C cameras
+ Photography Life - specs comparison vs D7000
+ eight page PDF brochure by Nikon - direct link to PDF

Also New: WR-1 radio remote control
+ dpreview
+ Imaging Resource (bottom of post)

Nikon D7100 Video Previews (YouTube)
+ embedded below in the order they are mentioned
+ Camera Labs (8 minutes)
+ Anan News (17 mins, not english)
+ Oscar Cheng - machine gun shutter sound (1 min)
+ Oscar Cheng - shows live view (1 min)
+ AVING hands on (2 mins)
+ Which? (3 mins)
+ What Digital Camera? (3 mins)
+ Digital Camera World (2 mins)
+ No Mobile (3 mins, Russian)

Nikon Promotional Videos

Ken Rockwell - The Next Generation
+ does a 13-minute video preview of the Nikon D7100 holding the Nikon D7000 on YouTube

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