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February 07, 2013

Lynny Lenses (similar to Lensbabies) removed from Sale by Maker for Legal Reasons

Lynny Lenses, a maker of selective focus lenses in the product category occupied by Lensbabies decided to pull all their products from sale due to legal reasons. A brief statement on their website (page down below the giant picture) is as close to admission that they CTRL-C/CTRL-V Lensbabies:

"No longer will products rise based on the inspiration of others, rather it will be that they rise from the ideas of myself, completely new, unique, and original."

Duh! But Lynny Lenses are not done! They are working on their own unique designs and they have a page with progress bars. (via ePhotozine).

ePhotozine had the pleasure and unfortunate timing of reviewing these, but on the plus side, they now become an internet history archive type of thing. Here is their review of the Lynny Lens and here is a comparison review between the Lynny Lens and the Lensbaby Spark. I highly recommend looking at the comparison samples at ePhotozine, we rarely see comparison picture samples that can be evaluated with your eyes nearly closed :)

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