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February 05, 2013

Instagram discover the web (Instagram photo feeds on the web)

Years after grandpa discovered the web, it is Instagram's turn! The All-Your-Photos-Are-Belong-To-Us mobile photo sharing service now offers options for people to view their own photo feeds online and along with photo feeds of people they follow. They frame the web feed as "consumption", not "production" - because you can't upload pictures to Instagram from the web. Because nothing beats a cameraphone as a production machine! :-) Given that they gave in to the web, how long will it be before they allow web uploading as well? If any photo-sharing services are scared of Instagram-on-the-web, this line perhaps in the Instagram press release can sooth their concerns: "And shrink your browser down to a single column for your feed to look more like your mobile feed". Because the best way to enjoy pictures is to turn your giant computer monitor into a tiny cameraphone screen ;-)

Details via All Things D. and Techmeme.

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