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February 2013 (153 posts)

February 27: Dxomark takes a group-look at six 35mm f1.4 to f2 primes for the Canon mount
February 27: DCI Investigates: Pentax K-5 IIs over the Pentax K-5 II?
February 27: Five Good Deals: Calumet Lighting Sale, Canon 50/1.8, Olympus XZ-1 underwater, Nikon M-E1 bundled, etc
February 27: Panasonic GH3 in-stock for $1300 at two authorized dealers
February 26: Opinion Soup: Gear, DIY, Tips, Controversies, Inspiration, Interviews, Business, etc
February 25: What's Inside? Taking apart a Fuji S-series superzooms
February 25: Adobe posts release candidates for Lightroom 4.4 and ACR 7.4, tweaks algorithms for Fuji X-Trans sensors
February 25: The new Sony Lenses and Cameras are now available for pre-order
February 25: Cameraholic Digest: Full Frame of all kinds, NX300, Pentax MX-1, Nikon D7100 spec-sheet comps, Sony NEX-3N, etc
February 24: Pentax K-01 marked discontinued by Pentax Japan
February 24: M43rds deal: Brown Panasonic GF3 w/14mm pancake for $317
February 24: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated (4 cameras, 2 lens reviews)
February 24: Dxomark evaluates the Sony RX1 lens (the Zeiss 35mm f2)
February 24: Impact Review: Sony RX1 at Imaging Resource
February 24: Fuji launches System Builder discounts centered on the X-E1 and X-Pro1
February 24: Nikon officially acknowledges D600's dust issues
February 22: Fuji updates X100S and X20 and X-Photographers pages
February 22: Sony-Olympus deal becomes official today, Sony their biggest shareholder
February 22: Gear Shopping 101: How to Spot a Deal to Avoid: Olympus E-M5 for $895 by Unknown Seller
February 21: Nikon D7100 pre-orders tracker launched
February 21: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated (4 cameras, 5 lens reviews)
February 21: Test Scene Duel: Panasonic GH3 vs Olympus E-M5 vs Fuji X-E1
February 21: Leica curiosity: M Type 240 and M Monochrome reviews
February 21: Patent Hustlers: Nikon to pay Microsoft for Android related patents
February 21: Fuji Japan publishes eight X100S full-size samples and seven X20 full-size samples
February 21: Curiosity Factor: Action Camera Group Test at Quesabesde
February 21: Hackery for Rental: GoPro Hero3 with custom housing that takes C-mount lenses
February 21: Nikon Mirrorless headaches: entry-level model S1 scores better than V2 and J3 at Dxomark
February 21: Reminder: February 23 and 24 is Pentax World Day
February 21: HP D3000, an HP branded digital camera (16mp, 21x zoom) surfaces online
February 21: New Nikon Coolpix S3500 P&S digital camera
February 21: Curiosity: Google reveals Chromebook Pixel with 4mp display (2560x1700) with 3:2 ratio and Core i5 CPU (speculation: is this linked to the Nik Software purchase?)
February 21: New 24mp Nikon D7100 APS-C dSLR without anti-aliasing filter for $1200
February 20: Term of the Year (so far): Pixelbomb by Kamera & Bild
February 19: Impact Review: Sony RX1 at dpreview
February 19: New Sony Alpha DSLR, the new Alpha A58
February 19: New Sony NEX mirrorless camera, the NEX-3N
February 19: New SLR lenses: Sony Alpha 70-400/4-5.6, 18-55 DT kit, Zeiss 50/1.4
February 19: New Sony Cybershots: HX300 50x superzoom, WX300 slim-zoom and TX30 waterproof
February 19: K-mount deal: Pentax K-01 black with 40mm XS for $360
February 19: DxoMark Strikes Again: Olympus XZ-2 Test Results
February 19: Google Czar promises Insanely Great Cameras in future Nexus phones
February 19: New Camera: Samsung Galaxy Android EK-GC110 superzoom with Wifi (but no cellular 3G/4G)
February 19: HTC announces new flagship phone with Ultrapixels and Optical Image Stabilization
February 18: (ENDED) Deal Digest: 25% off rentals, new Woot-OFF, etc
February 18: DxoMark reveals test results for Panasonic LX7
February 18: Lens Adapting 101 at Popular Photography (handy chart included)
February 18: Problem Solved: Digital Rev accepts responsibility for sending photographer used camera as new
February 18: New Camera Announcements: Casio EX-ZS30 (20mp 1/2.x" CCD), EX-N5 and EX-N50 P&S
February 18: Curiosity Factor: Pentax MX-1 completed review and also ISO comparison
February 18: Cameraholic Digest: Sony RX1, NEX-6, Nikon CX, D5200, M43ds, Canon SX50, Digital Video, Film Camera Nostaglia, etc
February 17: Camera Reviews stream updated with 14 new camera reviews
February 17: Lens Reviews stream updated with 12 new lens reviews
February 17: DxoMark Evaluates the Nikon J3
February 17: Test Scene F-Stop Duel: Sony RX1 vs Canon 5DMk3 at Photography Blog
February 17: Curiosity Factor: three of the new 2013 Dell UltraSharp monitors reviewed at TFT Central
February 17: Zeiss dramatically hypes new 55mm f1.4 SLR lens (Staff Scientist risks reputation if lens does not walk on water)
February 17: Patent Wars: RED sues Sony, alleging pattern infringement with Sony F5, F55, F65
February 17: The Big Decision: Roger Cicala decides on his new camera system
February 17: Camera Deals blog updated with new specials (or use shortcut url
February 15: Panasonic GH3 gets Tested and Compared at Dxomark
February 15: (ENDED) First discount: Pentax MX-1 black for $450, silver for $470
February 14: R&D: dorky glasses to block photography and facial recognition
February 14: Another M43rds deal: Panasonic GF5 w/14-42 Power Zoom for $400
February 14: Troublemakers of the Day: Adobe and Instagram [updated]
February 13: A denial, a denial: Olympus denies it will stop producing DSLRs
February 13: DxoMark Group-Evaluates Wild Life Telephoto Zooms
February 13: $100 Lens Deal: silver or black Olympus 40-150mm f4-5.6 R (m43rds) [updated]
February 12: Impact Review: Canon 6D at dpreview
February 12: Dell announces new 30-inch UltraSharp PremierColor monitor (also: 29-inch ultra wide 21:9)
February 12: Adobe reduces Creative Cloud prices in Australia after Government takes interest
February 11: Geekery: Putting Your Black and White Pictures Inside Music
February 11: Problems: some private Flickr photos were accidentally made public
February 11: Opinion Soup: Gear, Lenses, Self-Publishing Photo Book, DIY, Inspiration, Lightroom, Interviews, Business, etc
February 10: Fuji X100S hands-on by Fuji's Brandon Remler (and videos of X100s shutter sound)
February 10: (ENDED) Panasonic deal: GX1 black w/14-42 non-X for $332 or $342
February 10: Cameraholic Digest: Sony RX1, Sigma Merrills, Pana GH3, NEX-6, EoS-m, V2, Pentax MX1, etc
February 10: M&A: Panasonic and Fujitsu merging their LSI chip design and R&D
February 10: Nikon cut forecasts last week, stock crashed (and still sliding now)
February 10: Interview with analyst: Sony focusing on Imaging Sensor Technology expansion in 2013
February 10: Interviews with Sony at Imaging Resource and DSLR Magazine [updated]
February 10: Problems: Photographer discovers that his new Canon 5D Mark III was actually used to make the DigitalRev review
February 10: M43rds Deal: black Panasonic G5 with 14-42 non-X and 45-150mm for $500
February 10: Pixel-Peeping: Nikon D5200 added to dpreview database
February 10: Over 50,000 pictures in the Readers Flickr Pool
February 10: Superzoom Deal: Canon SX150 IS and $30 Gift Card for $100
February 7: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated (9 cameras, 2 lens reviews)
February 7: ISO-range Color-Chart duel: Canon 6D vs 5DMk3 at El Paso (okay, El Ephotozine)
February 7: Raspberry Pi reveals $25 imaging module with 5mp fixed focus Omnivision sensor (and 1080p video)
February 7: Lynny Lenses (similar to Lensbabies) removed from Sale by Maker for Legal Reasons
February 7: New IBE Optics 26mm f1.4 M43rds lens
February 7: Roger Cicala Camera System Reality Show: Pricing Competing Camera Systems
February 7: Good Karma: Operation Photo Rescue helps restore precious photos damaged by Hurricane Sandy
February 7: Even Musicians Fight Over Pictures: Bowie vs Morrissey over cover art
February 7: Canon S100 black for $250 (Lightning Deals ended) [updated]
February 6: Sigma publishes 42 full-size JPEGs from DP3 Merrill
February 6: The Full Frame Digest: Canon 6D, 5DMk3, 1D*, Nikon D800, D600, Sony A99
February 6: The APS-C Digest: Fuji X-E1, Nikon D5200, Pentax K5*, NEXxXies, etc
February 6: The Smaller Sensor Digest (iLC): GH3, G5, E-M5 and Qs
February 6: The Fixed Lens Camera Digest: Sony RX1, Compacts with RAW, CP Plus previews
February 6: Gearaholica: Overview of Compact System Cameras with Lego-block Sensor Size examples
February 6: Nikon Coolpix P7700 gets evaluated by Dxomark
February 6: Dxomark Group-Test of five Super Wide Primes (Nikon, Zeiss, Sigma, Samyang)
February 6: Panasonic FZ200 RAWzoomer with f2.8 constant aperture gets evaluated by DxoMark
February 5: Camera Reviews stream updated with 6 new camera reviews
February 5: Olympus XZ-10 hands-on previews at six photography and tech websites
February 5: Camera Magazine returns after 33 years of hibernation
February 5: Interview with Tamron Japan at PentaxForums (short video)
February 5: Lens Reviews stream updated with 10 new lens reviews
February 5: New Firmware Wave: Sony NEX, Lenses, Alphas and Nikon V1
February 5: Camera Bachelorette: Roger Cicala posts very detailed camera system evaluation
February 5: Curiosity Factor: Leica posts full size DNG and JPEG samples from the M Type 240 (latest M-model)
February 5: M&A: British Journal of Photography has new owners, buyout led by Publishing Director
February 5: The Trouble Report: Philip Bloom finds Canon 1D C MJPEG compression banding
February 5: New Sinar eMonitor Universal Colorimeter
February 5: Sigma DP3 Merrill gets priced at $1,000 and coming in a few weeks
February 5: Instagram discover the web (Instagram photo feeds on the web)
February 4: Financial Gloom: Thom Hogan discusses camera industry dollars and sense
February 4: Curiosity Factor: Nikon Android Coolpix S800c at dpreview
February 4: Interview with Panasonic at dpreview
February 4: Interview with Casio: no mirrorless but larger sensor compacts in future
February 4: CP Plus 2013 Trade Show Floor round-up [finally final edition]
February 4: Olympus will release a E-P3 replacement E-Pen in 2013
February 4: Ricoh picture-confirms at CP Plus that a new GR series fixed lens prime camera is coming in 2013
February 4: Sony at CP Plus shows Zeiss 50mm f1.4 ZZA SLR lens and NEX 20mm f2.8 and NEX Road map
February 4: Fuji shows behind glass Zeiss X mount primes and their own 55-200 f3.5-4.8 OIS XF
February 4: Kipon shows prototype Ibelux 40mm f0.85 lens for mirrorless systems
February 4: Memory Cards: SD Association shows UHS-II cards at CP Plus in Japan
February 4: In-stock and Deal Digest: Fuji 14/2.8 XF, Sigma NEX Duo for $200, Canon Elph 530HS for $140, etc
February 4: Panasonic hopes to increase sensor sensitivity with Micro Color Splitters
February 4: HTC planning a 3-layer sensor with Ultrapixels for next M7 uberphone
February 4: Ricoh shows live demo of 360-degree omnidirectional camera
February 4: Pentax signals Full Frame in video interview at PentaxForums
February 3: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated (9 camera, 6 lens reviews)
February 3: Business News: Samsung buys 5% stake in Wacom
February 3: Kickstarter: the Lynx, a Point and Shoot 3D camera for 3D modeling and printing
February 3: Curiosity Factor: Canon 200-400mm f4L IS pre-production hands-on video
February 3: Firmware Update Madness: Fuji X-E1, X-Pro1, Nikon D4, Canon 1D X, Pentax K-six-iLCs, Sony lots and lots, P1, etc, etc, etc
February 3: Peter Read Miller shares his Super Bowl as a photographer story at The Verge
February 3: (ENDED) NEX deal: Sony NEX-5R w/18-55 and 16/2.8 and $50 GC for $650
February 2: Canon 5DMk3 vs Nikon D800E encouraged by three 24-70mm f2.8 lenses
February 2: Interview with Fuji at Imaging Resource
February 2: New Voigtlander 42.5mm f0.95 (M43rds) and 50mm f1.4 (Leica M)
February 2: Imaging Resource Lab investigates: Sony RX1 red-to-cyan color tint
February 2: Tokina working with Pentax on Full Frame Lenses (for Full Frame DSLR - obviously)
February 2: New Nikon Coolpixies: S9400 18x-zoom and L27 P&S (we missed them earlier on) [updated]
February 2: Interview with Canon: 7D Mark II will take it to the next level and will take a while
February 2: Panasonic shows 42.5/1.2 and 150/2.8 primes in Lens Road Map and CP Plus
February 2: Interview: Olympus at dpreview at CP+ 2013
February 1: New, a Forum for Fuji X-photographers launches with X20 giveaway
February 1: dpreview hands-on with Metabones Speed Booster (including resolution charts in the lab)
February 1: Revealing Canon interview with dpreview on future of full frame, APS-C, serious compacts
February 1: TV News: ABC orders pilot for soapy drama with photographer as star


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