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February 24, 2013

Impact Review: Sony RX1 at Imaging Resource

This is Sony RX1 review week! Just a few days after the camera was reviewed by dpreview (review posted in parallel with the Sony announcement), there is a new impact review of the camera, it is the Imaging Resource review which sets the stage for their review.

The review is discussed in the dpreview Sony Cybershot forums.

For more opinions on the camera, check the slowly but steadily growing list of completed Sony RX1 reviews. A $2,800 big sensor prime is not in the price and zoom range of many, so it's not picking up reviews as fast as other more accessible cameras.

Availability wise the camera remains in-stock steadily at its starting price of $2800 as you can see at the Stock Status page. If you find it at a lower price, be sure to thoroughly scrutinize the seller as Sony does not allow authorized dealers to offer it for less and the chances are you would not be getting one with a warranty that will be recognized by Sony.

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