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February 19, 2013

HTC announces new flagship phone with Ultrapixels and Optical Image Stabilization

HTC has officially announced its new flagship uberphone, the HTC One, and with it come Ultrapixels. The camera used by the HTC One does not come with "conventional megapixels", it comes with Ultrapixels. Ultrapixels cover twice the area as a "conventional pixel" according to HTC. It uses a *cough* 4 megapixel *cough* 2688 x 1520 JPEG output backlit CMOS 1/3" sensor with 2x2um pixels, with a 28mm f2 lens with optical image stabilization, ImageChip 2, Flash, 1080p video, HDR video, etc.

From what I have seen so far, I haven't found anything that suggests that this is a Foveonesque sensor as it was previously rumorized.

Long post, more after the jump...

HTC has set up a whole page dedicated to the Ultrapixel camera with eight different sections, including the specs and a misformatted light sensitivity table versus popular smartphone imaging modules.

Keep in mind, these are technical marketing claims by HTC, and as always, they are subject to evaluation and verification on the actual product in the hands of actual users. There is also a very tiny "sample picture comparison" of the same scene shot with the HTC One and the iPhone 5 (second picture in this post), but the difference between them is so ridiculous, it smells like those diet "before" and "after" pictures :) The HTC sample pictures provided are smaller than VGA size!




HTC Zoe, the mixed media auto-gallery
HTC is also unveiling new features on the consumer side of the camera, Zoe, an automated mixed media gallery generation feature of sorts.

The Zoe feature is included in the 60-second HTC YouTube promo, starting at the 23-second mark. The volume in that video is so loud, I am not going to embed it here because it will drive most people crazy.

HTC One UltraPixels coverage
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+ Ultrapixels a daring bet says The Verge which quotes an HTC Director taking a direct shot at the megapixel wars: "WE KNOW THAT THE INDUSTRY, ESSENTIALLY, HAS BEEN SHIPPING THIS BIG FAT LIE"
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+ sensor related action rounded up at Image Sensors World

HTC One Hands-On
+ Ars Technica including a screenshot of a real-world sample taken with the HTC One and iPhone 5
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