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February 03, 2013

Firmware Update Madness: Fuji X-E1, X-Pro1, Nikon D4, Canon 1D X, Pentax K-six-iLCs, Sony lots and lots, P1, etc, etc, etc

It has been raining firmware updates the last few days! This blog-post is a leaky bucket attempt to capture some of the firmware updates. With so many cameras out there, we simply can't keep track of every firmware update for every camera out there!

+ Fuji X-E1 and X-Pro1 and lens via dpreview et al

+ Canon 1D X via Imaging Resource and ePhotozine and Northlight Images et al

+ Canon 1D C 25p scheduled for April 2013 via Cinema 5D and DSLR News Shooter and Philip Bloom et al

+ Nikon D4 via dpreview and Photography Blog et al

+ six Pentax K-mount cameras: the three K-5*.*, K-01, K-r and K-30 viva PentaxForums News and dpreview et al

+ boat-load of Sony Alpha and NEX camera firmware updates that fix lens-related issues via dpreview et al

+ Phase One DF+ via Capture Integration et al

+ Blackmagic Design 1.2 via Planet 5D and EOS HD et al

+ Ricoh GRD IV via DSLR Magazine and dpreview and Photography Blog and et al

Can't get enough firmware action? :) Here is a wishlist thread for future Olympus E-M5 firmware updates in the mu-43 forums. Please note this is a wish list created by photographers, not something official from Olympus!

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