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February 24, 2013

Dxomark evaluates the Sony RX1 lens (the Zeiss 35mm f2)

Dxomark already evaluated the Sony RX1 camera in early January 2013 (see our impact review alert with our usual link-a-thon comparison-a-thon). Now it is late February 2013 and Dxomark is back with more Sony RX1 action. This time however they focused on the camera's glued-in lens, the Carl Zeiss 35mm f2. The lens went through the Dxomark lens testing process, with of course the obvious limitation that this lens is glued to the RX1 body.

So what did they find? Here come the Dxomark findings with their introduction and background then the measurement talk, followed by the comparative analysis (lots of bright green on this page) and finally the conclusions.

dpreview adds Lens Data to their RX1 review
With the dpreview + dxomark collaboration under way, dpreview added a new page to their Sony RX1 review reflecting the Dxomark test data. dpreview introduces this which is discussed in the dpreview comments. The lens test is now on page #11 of the dpreview review.

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