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February 17, 2013

DxoMark Evaluates the Nikon J3

Never a dull moment for Dxomark. They are back with a new camera measurement and evaluation, it is the Nikon J3, the third generation of the Nikon J-series CX mount mirrorless cameras. As usual, you can check their test results along with their measurement talk and comparative analysis.

Spoilers: Just like the Pentax Q10 measurement, the results of the Nikon J3 are not that much different from previously measured models of the same mount (eg Nikon V2 and J2). Since the results are too close, and time is of the essence, we will not have our usual link-a-thon comparison. You can also do those tests DIY using the "Compare Cameras" link on the right side of any Dxomark page.

The Nikon J3 has just this week started picking up completed reviews. As of the time of writing, other than the aforementioned Dxomark, it has two more completed reviews.

Speaking of the Nikon 1-inch 1 System CX mount, aka "Angry Inch", a value entry-point into the system is the black Nikon V1 with the 10-30mm and 30-110mm lens for $400 at B&H Photo. This is brand new, not refurbished... For a refresher on the V1, check the list of completed Nikon V1 reviews.

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