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February 07, 2013

Canon S100 black for $250 (Lightning Deals ended) [updated]

You can get a new-in-box black Canon S100 for $250 or if you are a fan of the Olympus XZ-series, you can get the used black Olympus XZ-1 with a six month non-transferable KEH warranty from KEH Camera at Amazon for around $240~ [look for KEH as the seller - they are the only ones offering a six month warranty for used items over there]

The lightning deals previously mentioned in this post ended... For current and future specials, check the Camera Deals blog... Expired items after the jump...

Starting at some point after 3am ET on Friday, a new wave of Camera and Photo Lightning Deals will go live. The products or the teasers will be revealed after 3am ET on Friday. The actual prices will be revealed when each lightning deal goes live. With Valentine's Day and President's Day there is the potential of good deals, but there's also the potential of pink and red cameras galore. We don't know ahead of time, so this is a YMMV. We have our customary breakdown at the Camera Deals blog.

UPDATE (Fri 8:35am ET): The specials have been revealed with two interchangeable lens products:
+ starts 11am ET: Pentax K-30 blue w/18-55 and 50-200 - research at product page and list of reviews
+ starts 2pm ET: Rokinon 8mm F2.8 Ultra-Wide Fisheye Lens for Sony NEX - research at product page
+ each item lasts for four hours (or less if sold out)

On the other hand, if you are a fan of refurbished camera gear, there are a few Canon and Nikon SLR refurbished specials at B&H Photo. Reminder: B&H does not accept orders between Friday evening and Saturday evening every week, so plan your orders accordingly.

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