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January 14, 2013

The Smaller Sensor Digest (iLC): GH3, G5, E-M5, E-PL5, V2, Q, etc

Part Two of a four part Cameraholic Digest is here. This one covers interchangeable lens cameras with sensors at M43rds or smaller. Part One covered Fixed Lens Cameras of all sensor sizes.

Decision Points
+ Panasonic GH3 or Olympus E-M5, which one? at Sound Image Plus
+ all M43rds lenses in one display at CES+PMA by Derrick Story
+ Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 lens wins Lens Of The Year at Photography Blog

Panasonic Micro Four Thirds
+ GH3 test at
+ GH3 two minute Vimeo video by PiouCube (via
+ GH3 vs GH2 rolling shutter evaluation at M43 Photo
+ GX1 in-progress first impressions at The Online Photographer
+ G5 electronic shutter test at Nothing Matters
+ further reading: past and future Micro Four Thirds camera reviews

Olympus Micro Four Thirds
+ Olympus E-M5 wins Compact System camera of the year at Photography Blog
+ E-M5 hosts 60mm f2.8 macro at ThePhoblographer
+ E-M5 opinions at Photofocus
+ Olympus E-PL5 review at WDC? and field report (Cuba) at Photography Review
+ Olympus E-PL3 farewell at Sound Image Plus
+ Olympus E-PM2 review at Photo Review
+ further reading: past and future Micro Four Thirds camera reviews

Nikon CX 1 System
+ Nikon V2 review at Trusted Reviews and WDC?
+ on the Nikon CX 1 System pricing at Sans Mirroir
+ further reading: past and future Nikon CX camera reviews

Pentax Q
+ using the K-mount adapter for Pentax Q at Pentax Forums
+ unbalanced Q at Ricehigh
+ further reading: past and future Pentax Q camera reviews

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