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January 03, 2013

The Smaller Sensor Digest (iLC): GH3, G-Lumixes, V2, J2, Q, etc

And now part #2 of 4 of the Cameraholic Digest catch-up-a-thon. Part #1 focused on Fixed Lens Cameras. Part #3 will focus on APS-C and Part #4 on Full Frame... In the Smaller Sensor digests, the camera systems are displayed in sensor size order.

Olympus M43rds
+ 17mm f1.8 sharpness series (ORF included) at

Panasonic M43rds
+ GH3 samples with firmware 1.0 at Panasonic Lumix (via Foto Act.)
+ GH3 - at least a dozen different posts at Sound Image Plus including a GH3 vs E-M5 ISO duel [MUST READ!]
+ GH3 video mode talk at M43 Photo
+ GH3 remains in pre-order state, check Stock Status page for future updates
+ GH3 vs GH2 autofocus speed comparison at M43 Photo [GEEKERY!]
+ GF5 review at Sans Mirror
+ GF3 high ISO talk at Nothing Matters
+ G5 shooting the Moon and Jupiter at Nothing Matters
+ G3 distilled thoughts at Photographic Central

Nikon 1-System
+ V2 review at Camera Hoarders
+ V2 real-world samples at dpreview along with discussion of samples
+ V2 hosts Nikon 18.5mm f1.8 prime at EPhotozine
+ V2 ISO performance at Luminescent Photo
+ V2 was measured at DXomark (see earlier impact review alert)
+ J2 review at The Photography Life
+ more Nikon CX 1-System reviews
+ deal ended: the Nikon V1 kit discounts at B&H Photo ended as of 1/1/13 recheck

Pentax Q
+ Unbalanced Q with external flash and K-mount lenses at Ricehigh

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