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January 14, 2013

The Full Frame Digest: Canon 6D, 1D C, Nikon D600, Sony A99, NEX-VG900E, etc

This is part four of a four part Cameraholic Digest update. Part One focused on Fixed Lens Cameras and Part Two focused on Smaller Sensor iLCs (M43rds and smaller) and Part Three focused on APS-C sensor cameras. This one focuses on full frame sensor interchangeable lens cameras.

+ Canon 6D vs Nikon D600 13-minute YouTube Video by Kai of DigitalRev
+ not included in the links below

Canon 6D
+ Canon 6D reviews parade at SLR Lounge and Photography Blog and DSLR Magazine (computer-translated) and Digital Camera Info
+ Canon 6D shooting in Costa Rica at Canon Rumors in Part #1 and Part #2
+ Canon 6D tested by four Focus Numerique readers - here are their findings (computer-translated)
+ further reading: past and future completed Canon 6D reviews (10 as of the time of writing)
+ Canon 6D in-stock with the body only going for $2000 at a couple of retailers

Canon - sans 6D
+ Canon 24-70mm f4 IS revolution tests at Lens Rentals blog
+ Canon 5D Mark III vs Sony NEX-7 with prototype MetaBones Speed Booster at EOS-HD
+ Canon 1D opinion and sample footage at Borrow Lenses blog
+ Canon 1D C unboxing at Planet 5D
+ Canon 1D C opened at Canon Rumors (only text-based findings, no pictures)
+ Canon threatens heavy handed legal action if the 1D C is hacked via EOS-HD
+ Eunuch Photographer opinion: our beloved corporate overlords, they care so much about us, they don't want us to step outside the box and get into cumbersome adventures and stub our camera toes!
+ 1D C in-stock for $12,000 at B&H Photo (note: this camera is not returnable - see B&H page for details!)

+ Alpha A99 review at Photography Blog
+ Alpha A99 Dxomark results were added to the Dxomark database last week (see previously posted impact review alert with link-a-thon comparisons)
+ NEX VG900E 30-minute video review by Paul Genge on CameraDiner on YouTube (via PCA)
+ NEX VG900E review at DSLR News Shooter
+ RX1 action can be found in the Fixed Lens Cameras Digest

+ Nikon D600 hands on at Chase Jarvis by not Chase Jarvis
+ Nikon D800E vs Sigma DP2 Merrill comparison test scene at Sound Image Plus
+ Zeikos D800 battery grip review at Photography Life
+ lens recommendations for the Nikon D4 at Dxomark (forgot to post it when it was initially posted there)

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