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January 03, 2013

The Fixed Lens Camera Digest: RX1, Duels, S110, SX50 HS, P7700, Android Galaxy, etc

The Holidays are a season of food. We have a lot to digest. This new edition of the Cameraholic Digest is related to ...cows, it has four "stomachs". Okay, gross faux-science analogy ends, it will be broken down in four parts to make it more readable. We start with the Fixed Lens Cameras. These catch-up-a-thon digests attempt to catch up with everything that happened since our previous Cameraholic Digest posted in mid-December.

Sony RX1 Full Frame Muad'Dib
+ reviews by Luminous at Luminous and Camera Hoarders
+ part #1 of on-going review at Sony Alpha Labs
+ why the RX1 fever asks Sound Image Plus
+ paying subscribers only: RX1 vs X-E1 vs DP2 Merrill at digLloyd
+ RX1 remains in-stock, see Stock Status page

+ Olympus XZ-2 vs Nikon Coolpix P7700 at Camera Hoarders
+ Panasonic FZ200 vs Canon SX50 HS at Digital Versus
+ the duels are not included in the by-manufacturer links below

+ S110 review at ePhotozine
+ S100 review at Photographic Central
+ SX50 HS superzoom review at Camera Labs

+ Coolpix P7700 review at Imaging Resource and PDN Online and Digital Camera Review
+ Coolpix S800c Android camera at DC Resource (last review ever published at DC Resource before founder moves to dpreview)

+ XF1 review at (computer-translated)
+ F800-EXR superzoom review at Digital Camera Review

+ X-5 super-zoom re-view at CNet-UK

+ Z340 camera + printer creature reviewed at ePhotozine and Huff Photo

+ Android Galaxy superzoom EK-GC100 reviews at ePhotozine and ABC News Tech (by Joanna Stern formerly of pre-AOL Engadget) and Trusty Reviews and Camera Hoarders

Fixed Lens Camera Reviews
+ see completed reviews of all the fixed lens cameras we track (a small subset of the 300+ available models), or filter them by Superzooms or by RAW only.

Fixed Lens Camera Deals
+ see all deals on fixed lens cameras or filter them by superzooms or by RAW only.

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