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January 14, 2013

The APS-C Digest: Nikon D5200, Sony NEX-6, Canon EOS-M, etc [added: Sony NEX-7 w/Metabones]

This is part three of a four part Cameraholic Digest update. Part One focused on Fixed Lens Cameras and Part Two focused on Smaller Sensor iLCs (M43rds and smaller). This one focuses on APS-C sensor interchangeable lens cameras.

Decision Points
+ Sony NEX-6 and Fuji X-E1 by Mike Kobal
+ this is not included in the per-brand links below

+ D5200 reviews at Photography Blog and CNet UK
+ D5200 samples at WDC?
+ does the D5200 have the same auto-focus issues as some of the D7000s? asks Pocket Lint
+ D5200 available for pre-order at Amazon and Adorama and B&H Photo

+ EOS-M mirrorless reviews at Amateur Photographer UK and Photography Life and
+ EOS-M was measured by DxoMark ten days ago (previously mentioned in impact review alert)
+ further reading: past and future completed Canon EOS-M reviews (15 as of the time of writing)
+ white body EOS-M with 22mm STM lens in-stock at the Canon Online Store

Sony NEX e-mount
+ NEX-7 with prototype Metabones Speed Booster vs Canon 5D Mark III at EOS-HD
+ NEX-6 reviews at Photography Life and Camera Labs
+ NEX-6 field test at Focus Numerique (computer-translated)
+ NEX-6 hosts the SLR Magic 35mm T 0.95 hyped prime at Steve Huff Photo
+ NEX-6 developing RAW files with Apple Aperture at Sony Alpha Lab
+ NEX-5 converted into a multispectral camera by Ming Thein and now offered as the prize of a black and white challenge (content ends Jan-31-2013)
+ further reading: past and future Sony NEX-6 completed reviews (16 as of the time of writing)

Sony Alpha DSLRs
+ Alpha A77 book review (Unofficial Quintessential Guide) at Neocamera (we wouldn't be mentioning it unless the book was in trouble!)

Samsung NX
+ does the NX300 have focus peaking? at NX CSC
+ further reading: past and future completed Samsung NX camera reviews

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