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January 03, 2013

The APS-C Digest: ISO, Fuji X-E1, Sony NEX-6, NEX-5R, K-5 II, NX, EoS-m, etc

This is part #3 of a four part Cameraholic Digest. Part #1 covered Fixed Lens Cameras and Part #2 covered Smaller Sensor Interchangeable Lens Cameras. Part #4 will cover full framers.

ISO comparison
+ Sony NEX-6 vs Canon EOS-m vs Fuji X-E1 at Focus Numerique (JPEG and RAW available)
+ this is not included in the by-brand links below

Fuji X System
+ X-E1 reviews at Amateur Photographer UK and Sans Mirror and (computer-translated) and Fotopolice (computer-translated) and first impressions at TPBG
+ 14mm f2.8 XF hands on by Fuji's Brandon Remler

Pentax K-mount
+ K-5 II review at Photo Review and Tech Radar
+ K-30 DSLR text-only review at Photocomment
+ old manual K-mount lenses find their way on M43rds bodies at ThePhoblographer

Sony NEX E-mount
+ NEX-7, a year later at Sound Image Plus
+ NEX-6 reviews at CNet and Photography Blog and ThePhoblographer and Camera Hoarders and The Verge and conclusions at Sound Image Plus
+ NEX-6 and Flash Photography at Sony Alpha Lab
+ NEX-5R review at Photography Life and The Verge
+ Free Apps for the NEX-6 and -5R are now available at the PlayMemories store via Sans Mirror
+ FREE NEX 16mm f2.8 lens with purchase of select NEX kits at Adorama and B&H Photo

+ NX1000 review at Steve's Digicams
+ NX20 distilled impressions at Sound Image Plus

+ EOS-M review at Photography Blog and first look at iPhotoCourse

+ D3200 review at Camera Hoarders

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