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January 29, 2013

Superzooms now have the Majority of New Fixed Lens Cameras in 2013

With today's crazy wave of new camera announcements, the Superzooms have claimed a very thin majority among new fixed lens digital cameras announced in 2013. They can now form a government and rule over the world of P&S cameras without the need for a coalition with the RAWsumers Party or the Waterproof Party ;-)

Things were not looking good for the Superzoom Party earlier today, but a burst of eight new Fuji superzooms gave them the lift they needed.

Prime minister Panasonic FZ200 said in a statement, "the people have spoken loud and clear". Foreign secretary Canon SX50 HS echoed the sentiment, "we are the future". Education minister Fuji HS50-EXR noted that "we help consumers get more out of their cameras".

According to our not-infallible calculations, of the 88 new P&S cameras in 2013, 82 are fixed lens models. Of the 82 fixed lens models, 42 of them have a zoom ratio of 10x or more. See them all at the New Cameras of 2013 reference page.

The fear of smartphones has the digital camera manufacturers zooming to the moon - figuratively and judging by the ever-increasing zoom-ratios, literally too!

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