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January 07, 2013

Panasonic CES 2013 Live Press Conference: HDTV picture editing with Pen input on the actual HDTV

The Panasonic CES 2013 press conference ended at around 1:35pm New York City time. It was available at the Panasonic CES streaming site and netcast using UStream - see Panasonic UStream page. It started around 1pm New York City time.

If you prefer text-based coverage of the event, CNet has a live-blog, with the Panasonic stream right above the live blog.

If you want to join the fun on Twitter, use hashtag #PanasonicCES. Panasonic will be live-tweeting from the @PanasonicUSA twitter account.

As it happened in previous trade shows, manufacturers release the press releases of new products at the start or during or right after their high profile trade show press conference.

If you prefer overall CES 2013 video meta-coverage Mystery Science Theater style, check the live video stream of

As of 1:15pm NYC time, Panasonic is showcasing photo editing on a giant HDTV with pen input. Pen input on the actual giant HDTV! There is a screencap of a Panasonic guy editing pictures on a giant HDTV touchscreen at Engadget.

As of 1:32pm NYC time, Panasonic briefly mentioned new fixed-lens P&S digital cameras, right before the coffee machines and kitchen appliances. Ouch!

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