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January 08, 2013

Sony shows prototype 4K Handycam for consumers (and 4K Interface Unit) [corrected]

Just when you think you made enough progress with your Blu-Ray/1080p video collection, the consumer electronics manufacturers start falling in love with 4K! Case in point, the Sony CES 2013 press event that was live-blogged and now is available archived at Engadget.

Not announced officially as a product, but shown behind glass at the trade show is a consumer tier 4K video camera, with a work-in-progress name of "4K Handycam". Along with it there is a behind glass 4K device, the HXR-IFR5 Interface Unit. See the behind glass photos at Engadget. CORRECTION: The HXR-IFR5 is not an upscaler! Thanks to Joel for the correction! See comments and Sony Pro article for more.

PS/1: notice how little the 3D buzz/noise is at this year's CES!

PS/2: however, unlike 3D, 4K video and especially 4K video displays are an opportunity for enterprising photographers. People are going to need content to fill up their 4K screens, especially in the early days, so digitally crafty photographers may be able to find ways to market their photographs to the 4K crowd and especially the early adopters. Because if you spent a gazillion on a 4K TV, you are going to want to showcase it to as many people as possible and having a beautiful mind-blowing slide-show of wonderful pictures running non-stop is one way to showcase it!

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