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January 04, 2013

Sony Alpha A99 test results now in DxoMark database

A few days ago, Dxomark published their Sony Alpha A99 review. However, the actual test results were not available in the DxoMark database, which means you could not do individual comparisons with other cameras.

Fast forward to today, we just retested this, and the Sony Alpha A99 results are now available in the Dxomark database. This means you can now start comparing it to any other camera in the Dxomark database.

For more opinions on the camera, check the list of completed Sony Alpha A99 reviews.

Sony Alpha A99 vs Full Frame and Beyond
+ Alpha A99 vs A900 vs A850 - vs "Minolta" "real" DSLRs
+ A99 vs Nikon D800 vs D800E - vs the Nikon 800 lb DSLRzillas [pellicle mirror on the wall, who has the prettiest ISO score of all???]
+ A99 vs Nikon D700 vs D3x - vs older Nikon full framers
+ A99 vs Canon 6D vs Nikon D600 - vs "affordable" duopoly full framers
+ A99 vs Canon 5D Mark III vs II - vs 5D darlings
+ A99 vs Pentax 645D - vs medium format CCD digital

Sony Alpha A99 vs APS-C Leaders
+ A99 vs A77 vs NEX-7 - vs Sony APS-C leaders
+ A99 vs Canon 7D vs 60D - vs Canon APS-C leaders
+ A99 vs Nikon D7000 vs D90 - vs Nikon APS-C darlings
+ A99 vs Pentax K-5 II vs IIs - vs Pentax APS-C co-leaders
+ we could go on for a few days doing this, but we have to stop at some point :)

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