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January 16, 2013

Samsung NX210 discontinued already?

While price-checking the latest Samsung NX cameras, we noticed something unusual, the Samsung NX210 is already marked as discontinued at B&H Photo. When B&H Photo marks cameras as discontinued, they are typically gone for good. It is still available through other retailers. The camera was announced in April 2012, so when you consider the time difference between announcement and release, this camera lasted about half a year as a product. About the same time as the time difference between the iPad 3 and iPad 4 announcements.

This is another disturbing trend of the cannibalization and point-and-shootification of interchangeable lens cameras, which in the eyes of the average consumer are considered serious photographic tools. If we go down this path of near disposable lifecycles of iLCs, along with the lowering of the entry-bar in terms of quality (Polaroid iLCs were crashing at the trade show and had performance issues) and photographic capability (Kodak licensing iLC production to some unknown company) and tiny sensors (Pentax Q) and paranoid dumbing down because you may lose one DSLR sale somewhere to a mirrorless camera (Nikon CX 1 system)...

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