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January 02, 2013

Polaroid power play continues: Opening Real-World Photo Printing bars (aka Fotobars)

The current owners of the Polaroid brand are apparently determined to try to make the most of the Polaroid brand name recognition. The new development in their attempt at a power play is the launch of real-world photo printing bars. The first store of this kind will open in Florida around February 2013, taking up 2,000 square feet. Future locations will include The Big Apple, The Ally McBeal City, and The Sin City. They have already launched the accompanying website for the Fotobar stores at Here are two interior shots, presumably of their inaugural store in Flo-ri-da.

Now before you laugh at this, do keep in mind that there is no national leader in a dedicated real-world photo printing service, so the window of opportunity is there. While no one but Apple has the power of the reality distortion field, other companies can/could/would/should/might have successful brick and mortar launches if they do their homework and are open to making adjustments that cater to the customer/consumer needs.

Before you get too excited at the mention of the word "bar", I don't think these stores will be applying for alcoholic beverage licenses ;-)

Press release parade at Business Wire and The Miami Herald and Engadget and Imaging Resource and The Verge and more via Miss Techmeme.

Speaking of Polaroid, here is a quick look at the Polaroid Z340 instant printer + camera by Amy Medina at Steve Huffington Photo.

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