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January 10, 2013

PMA sessions: Sony exploring alternatives to Instant Rebates

From a consumer perspective, the whole instant rebate song and dance is not adequate to bring competitive market-driven prices and the unilateral pricing models adopted by almost all manufacturers are causing price stagnation and communism-style price dictation by the Central Committee of Manufacturers. From a retailer perspective, instant rebates are not good for the cash registers because they have to wait for the manufacturers to reimburse them. From small independent retailers perspective, competitive market-driven prices are the bane of their existence because they cannot compete with the chain and mega-retailers on prices. From a free market perspective, you barf and barf and barf at this situation :)

In an interesting session at PMA@CES 2013, a Sony representative discussed Instant Rebates and assorted subjects with the industry and answered questions from retailers. PMA News Line was there and chronicles what was discussed. The take-away? Sony is willing to experiment and look for alternatives to Instant Rebates.

Perhaps this experimentation may explain the recent free NEX 16mm pancake lens promotion?

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