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January 04, 2013

Part II: Cameras of the Year (2012) and The Future [live update in progress]

On Monday we posted Part #1 of the Cameras of the Year round-up. But more posts were posted since, and more things slipped past the first episode. So this is Part #2. Just like Part #1, this is just a sampling of the action. We simply can't post everything everyone has ever written :)

Cameras of the Year
The Online Photographer has finally revealed their camera of the year for 2012. Four cameras made it to the decider round, three iLCies and one fixed-lens. Note for sports-fans and sports-haters: the first half of the post is ...sports talk radio! We won't reveal the winner here! (spoiler alert: Enola Gay!)

Tired of reading? Here is a 10-minute YouTube video by MP4Podcast counting down the top ten cameras of 2012 (via Mike Kobal).

You decide! Photography Review has their Community Camera of the Year poll with nine diverse candidates up for vote.

The Year in Review
The British Journal of Photography published their most popular articles of 2012. It is an interesting collection, with Kodak getting a lot of entries in the Top 10. There's even some ...lunacy.

The Wall Street Journal published their Year in Photos (2012) earlier in the year. Following that, they published a new article with the photographers discussing some of the Best of 2012 photos. (via The Verge)

Like to create stuff with your own hands and e-hands? The very helpful and educational DIY Photography has published their Top 5 Hacks of 2012.

Terry White's Best App Site has published their Top 100 i-Apps of 2012. The product categories are listed alphabetically. The Photo and Video category is towards the middle of the blog-post. It includes twenty camera and video related apps. Some of these apps also have Android et al equivalents, some don't.

Almost everyone is a mobile photographer these days, be it artistic or practical or mundane, and Connect rounded up the year in mobile photography.

In the world of technology, Engadget published their Top 20 posts of 2012. As you can see from the top 20, it's all about smutphones! You can also read their Year in Review e-magazine, Distro Edition #71 available as a PDF and also as an app (iTunes, Android) - see aforelinked page for links.

The Future
We all want to see exciting new cameras every new year. Sometimes we get our wishes, sometimes we get our nightmares. The Digital Camera World has published in slide-show format the 16 cameras they'd like to see in 2013.

Crystal ball time for Neil Gaudet as he makes 13 camera-related predictions for 2013 at Photography Ramblings.

Opinion Soup coming this weekend
There are a lot of juicy opinions out there, so we will definitely have a new edition of the Opinion Soup this weekend. It will be posted by Sunday night. We first have to write the blog-post before we can publish it :)

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