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January 04, 2013

Pentax Deal contiues: yellow K-01 w/40mm XS for $315 (ended: Panasonic GF5X for $400) [updated]

Speaking of entry-point deals, the yellow Pentax K-01 with the 40mm XS pancake lens remains at around $315 at Amazon by Amazon. It is "temporarily out of stock", so it won't ship right away - in case you need to receive this immediately. For a refresher on the camera, check the list of completed Pentax K-01 reviews.

For more specials as they happen, be sure to stay tuned to the Camera Deals blog which also offers a full-text RSS feed.

Speaking of RSS feeds, we haven't forgotten about converting the main blog to a full-text RSS feed, we simply ran out of time. Given that the CES+PMA 2013 action has already began, the full-text RSS feed will likely happen by the end of January 2013 - other things equal as always.

The Panasonic GF5 with the 14-42mm X Power Zoom for $400 is dead as of a 1/5/13 recheck... If you are looking for an affordable way to try out the new Panasonic X Power Zoom lenses or you are looking for an entry-point into the world of Micro Four Thirds, the Panasonic GF5 with the 14-42mm X PowerZoom lens is available for $400 with free shipping in black, white or red at Amazon by Amazon itself. For a refresher on the camera, check the list of completed Panasonic GF5 reviews.

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