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January 28, 2013

Opportunity: 160 photographers will get their portfolios reviewed by many experts at NY Times real-world event in April (apply by Febr-13-2013)

If you want to get a high-profile portfolio review of your work, you may be one of the 160 lucky photographers who are selected for this event! Here are the details and here is the application. There is no fee!

You must submit your submissions by the end of day on February 13, 2013. Since this is a web application, don't wait until the last minute, because a number of technical issues may cause you to miss the deadline (ISP issues, NY Times website hammered by everyone trying to beat the deadline, etc).

The selected photographers will compete Hunger Games style be notified by March 8 via email.

A blue ribbon panel of photography-involved reviewers including people from the NY Times, Time, National Geographic, Magnum, Visa PLI, PDN, Aperture, and a variety of galleries and artsy places will be involved.

The portfolio reviews are a physical, real-world event that will take place in New York City on Saturday April 13 and Sunday April 14. Make sure you file your taxes early ;-) Each one of the select photographers will receive five to six private 20-minute meetings.

There will be a division based on age, one day will focus on old folks (21+), and another will focus on babies (18 to 27). The first group will consist of 100 photographers and the second group will consist of 60 photographers. So if you are a youngster, you have much better chances of getting selected, since the first group covers a lot of people (70+ years), while the second group covers a smaller demographic (10 years).

Good luck to all of you who apply!

PS: if you prefer a portfolio review that sings your praises, be sure to submit your portfolio for a Noisy Portfolio Praise-a-thon! Make sure you select the title of your praise-a-thon. The choices are: "The Next Ansel Adams" or "Susan Sontag will write a book about your work" or "This is cooler than HDR" :-)

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