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January 05, 2013

Opinion Soup: Gear, DIY, Introspection, Business, Learnings, Interviews, Off-Topic, Jobs, etc

Gather around the fire, a mega-serving of the Opinion Soup is waiting for you! If you want to taste the previous recipes, check the Opinion Soup Freezer (Archives).

Gear - General
+ Gear Acquisition Syndrome - Fighting the Addiction by Emil Cobarrubia at Huff Photo
+ mirrorless vs the world at Sans Mirror
+ the case against full frame and the case against APS-C at What Blog Is This?
+ mathematics vs science (not off-topic) by Ctein at TOP
+ is there a point to pro spec zooms for M43rds? at Sound Image Plus
+ most desired future lenses at Photography Life
+ top camera purchases friends made at Visual Science Lab
+ ten interesting iPhone lenses at Quesabesde
+ year-end camera purchase cliff hanger at Blog Beebe
+ is there a modern day equivalent to Leica? at Sound Image Plus
+ how serious I am about M43rds? Sold Canon Gear at Photofocus

Gear - Specific
+ remembering the Sony R1 (not to be confused with the RX1) at Visual Science Lab
+ Sony RX1 fever - I just don't get it at Sound Image Plus
+ Sigma DP Merrills get the Britney defense on YouTube by Nick Delvin of LL-Landscapes and The Camera Store TV
+ is there a justification for calling the Panasonic GH3 "Pro M43rds"? at Sound Image Plus
+ fisheye lens - creative tool or a joke? at Photigy
+ why I love the Pentax 645 system at KEH blog
+ the DSLR field camera by Carsten Krieger at dpreview
+ remembering the first Nikon camera at PhotoXels
+ Russell Graves pie-charts the cameras and lenses used for his pictures at Pixiq

Gear - Shopping
+ how Best Buy can learn from B&H Photo at CNet News by Greg Sandoval

Instagram Fallout
+ why I am quitting Instagram at New York Times Bits by Ryan Block of Engadget/Gdgt fame
+ what the Instagram debacle just taught every tech company to take your photos more seriously at Thomas Hawk Digital Connection

Creativity, Inspiration, Introspection
+ Where are we going with this Photography Thing? at Visual Science Lab (coffee is included!)
+ A Photographer's War with PTSD at The Atlantic (via APE)
+ observing vs participating: behind the camera by Ming Thein at Peta Pixel
+ the ethics of photographing random strangers on the street by Ming Thein at Peta Pixel
+ what I learned looking for the perfect photo at Photopreneur
+ why we photographers + creatives should look out for each other at F/Stoppers
+ the importance of stories by Giles Duley (TED video) (via DuckRabbit)
+ minimalism theme picture round-up at F/Stoppppers

+ how to take a reflected photo of an ant on black at Peta Pixel (no, you can't use Adam Ant!)
+ three-point interview light on the cheap at DIY Photography
+ how to make a DIY ground pod at Digital Photography Schools

Learnings, Tips, Tutorials
+ understanding metering Part #1 and Part #2 by Ming Thein
+ lightning setups for portrait photography at Ph0t0d0t0
+ deconstructed photography at Ming Thein
+ ten beginner mistakes at SLR Lounging
+ spelling lessons for forums users at Nothing Matters

Interviews, Interviews, Interviews
+ Eric Cheng of Lytro at Cameradojo (podcast)
+ Canon interview at Photokina (published now) at (in english)
+ Benjamin von Wong at SLR Lounge (41 minutes, video interview)
+ Foam's Marcel Feil at PDN Online
+ Noah Sahady at F/Stoppers
+ Philip Rostron at A Photo Editor

Imaging and Software
+ DNG vs RAW podcast at Tips from the Top Floor
+ getting started with Lightroom 4 - 36-minute video by Adobe's Terry L. White
+ best Google Chrome extensions for photographers at Pop Photo
+ to process or not to process? at Ming Thein
+ RAW+JPEG revisited for travel photography (workflow thoughts) at Luminescent Photo
+ Premiere CS6: Apple MacBook Pro Retina vs ASUS G-something at SLR Lounge
+ 15 best camera and video apps at The Next Web (we missed this in the Year End round-ups)

+ success through specialization at F/Stoppers
+ on registering photo copyrights at Wichita Eagle (via Peta Pixel)
+ planning is just guessing but with more pie charts and stuff at David du Chemin
+ are your prices too low? podcast by Rosh Sillars
+ why enter photography contests? at NPPA (via APE)

Photography Jobs!
+ Photography Life is hiring creative writers!

Photographers Go Off-Topic
+ live music is not better at The Online Audiographer
+ teas and placebos at The Online Teaographer
+ free and the myth of the free on the internet at Alpha Numerique (computer-translated)
+ meditation series at John Paul Caponigro

Tech Opinions
+ You Opine: the Patent Office asks the public for advice on Software Patents via The Verge
+ Editorial: the one thing Congress can agree on is violating your privacy at The Verge
+ wild interview with Tim O'Reilly (not to be confused with Papa Bear) at Wired (via PCN)
+ reasons to be excited by Joshua T. at The Verge
+ best tech writing of the week via The Verge: week ending 12/30 and week ending 12/23
+ how Google turned employees into philanthropists at CNet
+ Amoeba Vinyl Vaults is no Napster at Cringely

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