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January 26, 2013

Opinion Soup: Diffraction, on Reviews, Gear, Tips, DIY, Inspiration, Interviews (lots), Business (lots), etc

Tip of the hat and wag of the finger as Professor Colbert teaches, a new edition of the Opinion Soup is here... It has been three weeks since the previous edition, so this is longer than average - fire up the coffee machine and the kettle too... If you missed any previous installments, 60+ older episodes are waiting for you in the Opinion Soup archives...

+ reviews - who do you trust? at Sound Image Plus
+ being diffraction limited by Pekka Potka
+ picking a film camera at Ming Thein
+ what makes the Olympus E-M5 a game changer? at Visual Science Labs
+ testing your camera's latitude at Hurlbut Visuals
+ why I think Canon forgot the indie film maker at EOS HD
+ on the Canon 1D C price at EOS HD
+ on the Polaroid mirrorless iLC confusion at Sans Mirror
+ opinion on Fuji and Nikon CES announcements at Thomas Fitzgerald
+ using adapted lenses on mirrorless cameras at Digital Camera Review
+ Roger's Law of New Product Introduction at Lens Rentals blog
+ choosing the best digital cameras (10 minutes in 3 videos) at What Digital Camera Indeed!
+ what to expect at CP+ 2013 at Tech Radars
+ the place of video DSLRs in 2013 at DSLR News Shooter
+ could high resolution video end the future of photography at Video Stoppers
+ Samyang is shooting itself in the foot with branding confusion at 1001 Lousy Chimeras

DIY and Hacks
+ gelling large light sources at Strobist
+ Lego-ify your lens caps at (via PetaPixel)
+ how to create a wall of fire at DIY Photography
+ how to clean your lenses (six minute video) at Cameradojo

Creativity, Inspiration
+ the most interesting photographer ever is ...twins at Lens Rentals Twins
+ film diaries: thoughts, truths and realizations at Ming Thein
+ photographing beautiful people at F/Stoppers
+ why cropping is bad by Ming Thein
+ understanding how to live truthfully and happily - the photographs of Geloy Concepcion from Manilla at Erik Kim Photography
+ how to beat feeling uninspired at F/Stoppers
+ how far will you go to get a picture? at Black Star Rising
+ balance in photography at SLR Lounge
+ why do we photograph? by Ken Tanaka at TOP on TOPic
+ how to become a better photographer by watching movies at Photodoto
+ photographers, stop and have some fun at F/Stoppers
+ you never know what a photograph is going to mean at TOP NFL blog

Tips, Tutorials, .edu
+ the DSLR Field Camera at dpreview
+ what is field curvature? at Photography Life
+ constructive critique including 15 min video at SLR Lounge
+ Kirk Tuck's Backup Strategy at Visual Science Lab
+ how to get the most out of the camera you already own (podcast) at Improv Photography
+ how to digitally add shallow depth of field at Photodoto
+ wide field astrophotography with camera and tripod at Steve Huff Photo
+ top 12 posts of 2012 at David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk
+ using a light meter (6 min video) at Cameradojo

Imaging Software
+ you can correct it in post but there is no free lunch at Lens Rentals
+ why you should set Photoshop to open JPEGs in Camera RAW by Terry L. White
+ why Adobe and other vendors should give away older versions of their software at
+ how to use virtual copies in Lightroom at Photography Life
+ how to make Instagram filters in Photoshop using Earlybird at Photodoto
+ the line between photography, photoshop, reality and fantasy rounded up at PetaPixel

+ eleven online printing labs tested at Improve Photography
+ making a monster print at KEH blog

Social Media and Sharing and Websites
+ on posting daily photographs by G. Dan Mitchell
+ making the most of a busy mobile photo space at Connect
+ building portfolios with latest Wordpress via PetaPixel
+ why Wordpress for photographers by Scotty Wyden
+ the importance of having a website for staff photographers (60 sec video) at Photo Business Forum
+ How I quit worrying and learned to love Vine at
+ SEO for photographers at Photodoto

+ interview with Sebastian Junger talking about the HBO documentary about Tim Hetherington at BBC News Magazine (via APE)
+ interview with Norman Jean Roy (digital ruined fashion photography) at New York Magazine (via VSL)
+ interview with creators of Art Buyers are People Too blog at A Photo Editor
+ Calvin Hollywood at F/Stoppers
+ Leanne Jazul at Erik Kim Photography
+ Greg Heisler video interview via F/Stoppers
+ Jessse Rogers on street photography at F/Stoppers
+ Scott B. Davies at A Photo Editor
+ Dan Mammoser at ePhotozine
+ Mike Monaghan at F/Stoppers
+ Mark Menjivar at SLR Lounge
+ at London sensor image conference rounded up at Image Sensors World

Ego Clinging
+ this guy stole photography from the wrong person at F/Stoppers

A Day at The Improv
+ Site Statement at Sound Image Plus
+ a new camera for the post digital art page at Visual Science Lab

Business and Professional and Legal
+ dealing with stolen pictures at Picture Defense Blog (via reddit, Petapixel) et al)
+ pricing and negotiating: a hotel lifestyle advertising shoot at A Photo Editor
+ the biggest roadblock to media success? a traditional culture of journalistic hubris at Paid Content (via APE)
+ why hire a professional photographer? 215-second video at Rising Black Star
+ sell more than your photography skills at Pnotopreneur
+ work for "free" and still get paid at SLR Lounge\
+ on market shifts at Visual Science Lab
+ the importance of stretching yourself personally and professionally with clients at F/Stoppers
+ simple ways to avoid future frustrations at SLR Lounge
+ do your photos have any value? at Foto Biz
+ how to resolve like a pro at SLR Resolutions
+ UK: the end of Jessops at Sound Image Plus
+ UK Photographers: new tax legislation of photographer interest at ePhotozine

Technology in General
+ monitor selection and calibration at Visual Science Labs
+ storage solutions for your studio at SLR Lounge
+ Why 4K TVs are stupid at via/opinion at Pro Lost (not JJ Abrams related)
+ will 4K drive a content and broadband revolution at The Verge
+ 3D pronounced dead at CES 2013 by The Verge
+ is 3D really dead again or just resting at EOS HD 3D
+ photography-based proof why the moon landings were not fake by SG Collins (via F/Stoppers)
+ how Kickstarter killed CES 2013 at The Verge
+ CES trends at Connect
+ a tale of two dinosaurs: Polaroid and Technicolor struggle to stay relevant at The Verge
+ consumers pay the hidden costs of the free app ecosystem at The Verge
+ why we need to kill Big Data at Tech Crunch Gear
+ give me back my fitness data at The Verge
+ how comment trolls can influence your opinion at The Verge
+ has the internet desensitized us to the extraordinary at The Verge
+ how my offline creativity got killed at The Verge
+ best of tech writing rounds-up by the Verge: weeks ending January 20 and January 13
+ Stories to Catch Up on via Google if you missed them: Aaron Swartz and CBS/CNet Dish Hopper review interference

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