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January 23, 2013

Opinion: Samyang is shooting itself in the foot with branding confusion

Samyang has been generating a lot of lensaholic buzz the last couple of years with their affordable manual focus lenses. However, Samyang has an enemy. It's a hidden enemy. The only way they can see their enemy is if they stand in front of a mirror...

Yes, it's themselves. They are shooting themselves in the foot by selling their lenses under a large number of different brands, thus creating global confusion and more importantly, they are not able to capture and distill and integrate and accumulate and focus all the good karma on one target.

In other words, Samyang has a chance to be regarded at the same level as the Sigmas and Tamrons and Tokinas. But because their street cred is distributed in many different ways, it is not able to concretize, and it is not able to build the necessary momentum to push them over the top.

I have been complaining about this for a while, but perhaps a better way to explain the whole Samyang branding situation is this new Pick a Lens post at F/Stoppers. It makes the point in a fun and clever way.

For more on the Samyang lenses, check the stream of completed Samyang lens reviews. [corrected link]

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