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January 21, 2013

Nikon D5200 tops all APS-C DSLRs in Dxomark measurements

The Nikon D5200 is using a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor with a Toshiba connection. Dxomark measures RAW sensor data. Dxomark evaluations are not intended to be end-to-end camera system evaluations. But they do provide data that for the average photographer is impossible or impractical to gather on his or her own. With that as a semi-necessary preface, there is a new Dxomark APS-C king and queen...

... it is the Nikon D5200! It is currently the highest ranking APS-C camera at the DXomark ratings.

Why is it in the ratings list? Because Dxomark published their evaluation of the camera - here come their measurements and their comparisons and spartan conclusions.

For a refresher on the Dxomark testing process, here is a detailed article by Stephen Shankland of CNet who visited Dxo in the spring of 2012. For an analysis of the Dxomark testing process, check a December 2012 post by Peter van der Hamer at Luminous.

For more opinions on the camera, check the list of completed Nikon D5200 reviews (four total as of the time of writing of this blog post).

Availability-wise, the Nikon D5200 with the 18-55mm kit lens is in-stock for $900 in black or red or bronze at a combination of Amazon and B&H Photo and Adorama.

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