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January 24, 2013

New Vine app for Twitter (iOS) records and embeds up to 6 sec of video

Twitter may have had its photo-sharing setback when Instagram pulled out of the automated embedding of Instagram pictures in tweets, but they picked up new photo sharing service embeds, and now, they are adding a video sharing option Twitter-style using the Vine service and app. It is launched today at the iTunes store for compatible iPhones and iPods.

What makes this slightly different is that, just like tweets, videos have to be short, six seconds of less and auto-looping. Some may see this as a dumbing down, and complain about the auto-looping. However, with six seconds (of less) of video, it is in some ways closer to photography than traditional video capture. You only have six seconds (or less) - you have to pay more attention and use more skills to capture what matters. One request though, please don't tell Brett Favre about this ;-)

Details at the Vine blog and Twitter blog. Via The Verge, Engadget, The Verge II, The Techmeme

UPDATE: CNet has rounded up some of the early Vine 6-second "masterpieces", while The Verge published their hands-on report.

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