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January 07, 2013

New Sony Cybershot entry-level and mid-level P&S cameras (and Handycams too)

Touchdown Sony! After their CES press conference, Sony announced a new wave of entry-level and mid-range P&S digital cameras and various Handycam video cameras.

We already mentioned the 20-megapixel Cybershot H200 but Sony had a few more models.

Sony Cybershot TF1
A new naming scheme for their waterproof line, it has that distinctive waterproof-y look that most of the waterproof digital cameras of all digital cameras have. Press release parade at Digital Camera Review and UberG and Engadget et al.

Three W*-series Cybershots
Sony also announced the new Cybershot WX80 and the W730 and W710. If the last two names sound familiar, it is because @aafuss spotted these at Sony Asia later last year. Apparently Sony leaked them ahead of time.

Press release parade at PhotoXels and dpreview et al.

Camera Numbers Accounting Update
On the accounting front, since these were leaked early by Sony, we are now going to move these from the Cameras of 2012 to the Cameras of 2013 page.

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