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January 29, 2013

New Fuji F900-EXR with Wifi and RAW (also new: F850-EXR and six S-series superzooms!)

Oh no, not done yet. Fuji has announced a new wave of Finepix fixed lens digital cameras! Here we geaux...

Fuji F900-EXR compact-zoom
It has a 16mp 1/2" EXR-CMOS BSI sensor with a 20x optical zoom lens (25-500mm eq) with sensor-shift stabilization, promises of 0.05 second autofocus (but with fineprint), Wifi, RAW and RAW with JPEG.

Details at Fujifilm et al.

The F900-EXR is already available for pre-order for $400 at Adorama in your choice of black F900-exr or blue F900-exr.

Fuji F850-EXR compact-zoom
The F850-EXR is the deputy to the F900-EXR, same sensor and 20x zoom but it does not appear to have RAW.

Details at Fuijfilm et al.

The F850-EXR is already available for pre-order for $300 at Adorama.

New Fuji S6600, S6700, S6800 with staircase zoom ratios
Soy vey! Fuji gone wild! Paralleling the three CCD superzooms in the section below, Fuji is also announcing the new S6600, S6700 and S6800, with 26x, 28x and 30x optical zoom lenses starting at 24mm equivalent. These have 16mp 1/2.3" backlit CMOS sensors which offer 1080p video. They too take AA batteries.

Details at Fujifilm et al.

New Fuji S4600, S4700, S4800 with staircase zoom ratios
Staircase zoom ratios for these three new models. The S4600 has a 26x optical, the S4700 has a 28x optical and the S4800 has a 30x optical. All start at 24mm equivalent and go up depending on their zoom ratio.

I wonder if they design different lenses or just restrict the zoom ratio or adjust the equivalentnesses?

They have 16mp 1/2.3" CCD sensors. Ouch. Thus 720p video hell. But they operate on four AA batteries, with a 320 estimate on alkalines.

Details at Fujifilm et al.

You are not seeing double
The above two sets of S-series superzoom triplets are new models. They should not be confused with the S8xx-series quadruplets that were announced at CES 2013 and had optical zoom ratios starting at 40x.

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