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January 2013 (194 posts)

January 30: Prime Price Paradox of Fixed Lens Digital Cameras: Then vs Now
January 30: Blackberry 10 launches with new phones and apps (8mp camera, Time Shift, burst mode, little photographic control)
January 30: (SOLD OUT) Panasonic GH3 in-stock for $1300 at authorized dealer
January 29: Superzooms now have the Majority of New Fixed Lens Cameras in 2013
January 29: New Fuji F900-EXR with Wifi and RAW (also new: F850-EXR and six S-series superzooms!)
January 29: New Sigma Lenses: new 60mm f2.8 DN, new-metal 19 and 28 f2.8 DN, and redesigned 30/1.4 DC SLR
January 29: New Tamron M43rds superzoom lens: 14-150mm f3.5-5.8 VC Di-III
January 29: New Tokina SLR lenses: 70-200mm f4 stabilized and 12-28 (not a typo) f4 DX
January 29: Pentax showing at CP+: AF-360FGZ II Clip-on Flash and Mount Cap Lens for Q system
January 29: New Pentax waterproofs: WG-3, WG-3 GPS (starting at f2) and WG-10
January 29: New Casio EX-ZR700 and EX-ZR400 CMOS superzooms (18x, 12.5x)
January 29: New Olympus XZ-10 is a 12mp 1/2.3" compact with f1.8-2.7 (UPDATE: it has RAW!)
January 29: New Olympus VR-370 and VG-180 P&S cameras (12.5x and 5x)
January 29: New Olympus 75-300mm f4.8-6.7 II Micro Four Thirds lens
January 28: New Canon Powershots: Elph 330HS, 115HS and A2500
January 28: New Nikon Coolpix superzooms: P520 (42x) and L820 (30x)
January 28: New Nikon Coolpix S9500 and S6500 compact-zooms
January 28: New Nikon Waterproof P&S cameras: Coolpix AW110 and S31
January 28: New Nikon Entry-Level P&S cameras: Coolpix S5200 (6x) and 20mp L28 (AA, 5x)
January 28: New Panasonic M43rds lens: 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 II OIS
January 28: New Nikon SLR Lenses: 800mm f5.6 VR and 18-35mm f3.5-4.5G ED
January 28: Cameraholic Digest: Canon 5DMk3, 1D C, Nikon D800, D600, D5200, Sony A99, RX1, Pentax K-5*, MX1, Q10, Oly E-M5, Fuji X-E1, X20, etc
January 28: Impact Review: Olympus E-M5 by Thom Hogan
January 28: Lens Reviews stream updated with new reviews
January 28: Impact Review: Canon 5DMk3 at Imaging Resource
January 28: Opportunity: 160 photographers will get their portfolios reviewed by many experts at NY Times real-world event in April (apply by Febr-13-2013)
January 28: Waterproof SDHC deal: 32GB Samsung Class 10 for $23~
January 28: Pentax Japan flirts with Anime Fans with new Q10 Evangelion limited edition
January 27: Free Sony 16mm f2.8 NEX lens with these NEX kits (NEX-7, NEX-6, NEX-5R, NEX-F3)
January 27: Canon 1D C tested by Philip Bloom and Johnnie Behiri
January 27: Camera Geekery: putting a Sony NEX-5N insides inside a Nikon Nikkormat
January 26: Opinion Soup: Diffraction, on Reviews, Gear, Tips, DIY, Inspiration, Interviews (lots), Business (lots), etc
January 26: Instagram asking some users to provide Government issued IDs and even birth certificates
January 25: Video: New H.265 video format is approved by the Central Committee
January 25: Launched: Fuji X20 stock status page
January 25: Lenses meta-killed the professional Kodak DSLRs according to interview
January 25: Crossing the Line? Panasonic publishes review-style advertorials at review websites
January 25: Alamy (stock photography) hearts Cell Phone and Compact Camera images
January 25: Leakage: body pictures of Olympus XZ-10 compact in three colors
January 24: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated
January 24: New Vine app for Twitter (iOS) records and embeds up to 6 sec of video
January 24: Google Images gets remodelled, rolling out over next few days
January 24: Goodbye Nokia Pureview (Symbian), Hello Nokia Pureview (Windows)
January 23: Hands-on with last night's two new Sony NEX e-mount lenses
January 23: Plan: February 23 and 24 is World Pentax Day
January 23: Imaging Resource tests new modern review format and offers a 2-for-1 Sony Alpha A99 review to launch it
January 23: RAW Wars: dpreview squares off Lightroom, Capture One and DxO Optics Pro
January 23: EVF News: Epson's new 1024x768 goes into mass production
January 23: Opinion: Samyang is shooting itself in the foot with branding confusion
January 23: Kodak gets a step closer to exiting Planet Bankruptcy orbit
January 23: (BACK-ORDERED) Lens Hoarding Deal: Sigma 19/2.8 and 30/2.8 DN for $200 (NEX e-mount only)
January 22: New Lens Announcement (NEX): Sony 20mm f2.8 and 18-200mm OSS Power Zoom
January 22: Leica is confused, posts September 2012 samples from new Leica M (240)
January 22: Apple's War on Nudity: 500px and ISO500 apps pulled
January 22: Pentax MX-1 hands-on and sample pictures (including RAW) at Q
January 22: Cameraholic Digest: Fuji X100s, X-etc, Canon 6D, 1D X, Nikon D5200, Sony A99, RX1, NEX-6, Pentax K5*, MX1, etc
January 22: Photo Counter discovers: JK Imaging and General Imaging have the exact same address
January 22: Teardowns: Fuji X100 (no s) and GoPro 3 action cam
January 22: Curiosity Factor: two Metabones Speed Booster reviews
January 22: Giottos Silk Road YTL tripods replace cylindrical center column with Y-shape
January 22: Re-arranging the Picture Sharing chairs: Nikon relaunches MyPictureTown as Nikon Image Space
January 21: Nikon D5200 tops all APS-C DSLRs in Dxomark measurements
January 21: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated (11 cameras, 5 lenses)
January 21: Controversy: Google signs deal with Getty Images for Google Drive (but Photographers get Micropennies)
January 21: Bidding for more Kodak body parts begins soon
January 21: Assembling the Sony RX1 camera in 5 minutes (Sony video)
January 21: Four of the Top Five US patent holders in 2012 make cameras
January 21: Shopping Horrors? Customer buys Canon 5DMk3, receives box full of wood (twice)
January 21: JK Imaging shows Kodak branded M43rs cameras in China
January 21: Five more companies join Micro Four Thirds (Blackmagic, JK, Photron, Vistek, ViewPlus)
January 17: Fuji X100S gets a March 27 expected availability estimate
January 17: Lens Deal: two Sigma DN lenses for $200 (not $300) total: 19mm f2.8 and 30mm f2.8 (NEX or M43rds)
January 16: Who is JK Imaging that is licensing the Kodak digital cameras brand?
January 16: New Pentax Efina entry-level P&S camera (14mp CCD, 5x zoom)
January 16: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated (2 cameras, 10 lenses)
January 16: Lens Geekery: Teardown of Canon, Nikon and Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 lenses
January 16: Imaging Resource interviews Pentax: Lenses, DSLRs, FF, Mirrorless, Ricoh, MX1, etc
January 16: R&D: Panasonic offers more details on SmartFSI pixel structure
January 16: dpreview tests Capture One's handling of Fuji X-Trans RAW
January 16: Pentax publishes new Lens Road Maps for K-mount, 645 and Q on Facebook
January 16: Newsbytes: Awards, DXo Optics, Morel details, JVC 600fps, Canon Experience Stores, K-5 II* firmware, etc
January 16: Canon SX50 HS receives Dpreview and Dxomark reviews
January 16: Samsung NX210 discontinued already?
January 15: Judge rules in favor of photographer in Morel vs AFP/WP/Getty Haiti case
January 15: Convenience: shortcut links to get to the various parts of the blog quickly
January 15: Camera Hackery: Sony NEX-5 converted to multi-spectral camera (and you can win it in a B+W challenge)
January 15: Lens Reviews pages updated (7 new lens reviews)
January 15: New KineRAW Mini S35 camera initial specifications revealed
January 14: The Full Frame Digest: Canon 6D, 1D C, Nikon D600, Sony A99, NEX-VG900E, etc
January 14: The APS-C Digest: Nikon D5200, Sony NEX-6, Canon EOS-M, etc [added: Sony NEX-7 w/Metabones]
January 14: Imaging Resource interviews Panasonic: M43rds, video, NFC, sensors, AF, Lenses, etc
January 14: The Smaller Sensor Digest (iLC): GH3, G5, E-M5, E-PL5, V2, Q, etc
January 14: The Fixed Lens Camera Digest: Sony RX1, Fuji X100S, Sigma DP Ms, MX1, SX50HS, FZ200, superzooms
January 14: Metabones reveals new Speed Booster adapter with bold claims: reduce focal length, increase speed of lens (focal reducer) [M43, NEX] {with hands-on reports!}
January 14: New Yongnuo YN500EX flash and YN622-N trigger (and YN560-II successor coming)
January 11: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated (15 cameras, 4 lenses)
January 11: CES 2013 Trade Show Floor action: Fuji X100s, X20, Instax 8, Pentax MX-1, Flash, Sigma DP3m, Samsung 2D/3D lens, P&S, etc
January 11: Sony selling Tokyo building for $1 to $1.5 billion
January 11: Bankruptcy Judge okays sale of Kodak patents to Apple & Google Frenemies
January 11: UK Market: All Jessops stores closed tonight (1370 jobs lost)
January 10: PMA sessions: Sony exploring alternatives to Instant Rebates
January 10: Olympus launches a System Bait promotion for the E-M5 and M43/43 Lenses (up to 3 lenses)
January 10: Fuji X100s: dpreview explains Digital Split Imaging Focusing and previews the X100s
January 10: Coming up: Kodak-branded interchangeable lens camera (and 52x superzoom)
January 10: Fuji X100s: autofocus test, first impressions, manual focus explanation
January 10: Imaging USA Expo starts January 20, 2013 (free registration w/promo code)
January 10: New Canon Cinema Prime L-Lenses: 14 T3.1 and 135 T2.2
January 9: More pictures of the Sony 4K Handycam behind glass NF prototype
January 9: Settlement: Apple vs Photographer on Retina image usage
January 9: Polaroid Saga continues: Sensor found in Camera Body (also: rewatch Engadget interview)
January 9: Nikon D5200 review, samples and hands-onsies (CES and non-CES)
January 9: CES 2013 Trade Show Floor action: Sigma DP3m, Fuji X100s, SL1000 (50x), Canon N square, Pentax MX-1, Samsung NX300, Nikon CX, Polaroid, etc
January 9: Jessops goes into administration (bankruptcy), vouchers and returns not available for now
January 9: New (quietly announced) Fuji AX650 P&S camera
January 8: Pre-order the Hot Digital Cameras of CES + PMA 2013
January 8: Fuji X100s and X20 samples galleries at FujiFilm X
January 8: New Samsung WB2100 is a 35x superzoom without Wifi (also new ST72)
January 8: Live Interview with Polaroid CEO: Wednesday at 4pm New York City time
January 8: Dxomark publishes their Sony RX1 Test Results
January 8: CES 2013 Trade Show Floor action: Pentax MX-1, Fuji Xs, Polaroid Android, Canon N square, Samsung NX300, Action Cams, etc
January 8: Hands-on videos: Photo editing (and more) with 20-inch Panasonic 4K tablet (and giant HDTV)
January 8: Imaging Resource previews the Fuji X100S and X20
January 8: Toshiba power play continues, they made the Nikon D5200 sensor
January 8: New Sony Cybershots WX200, WX60 (updated/corrected)
January 8: Clarification on Polaroid Mirrorless: it is a modular system like Ricoh GXR
January 8: Photographer Bait? 20-inch 4K Panasonic tablet running Windows 8
January 8: Sony shows prototype 4K Handycam for consumers (and 4K Interface Unit) [corrected]
January 8: Sigma announces B+W software mode, Lens Prices, USB Lens Dock coming
January 8: New Sigma DP3 Merrill with 50mm f2.8 lens (75mm equivalent)
January 8: Panasonic has a wearable action-cam too, the HX-A100
January 7: CES Monday Recap: 40 blog-posts and 52 new cameras
January 7: Ask the Camera Companies Questions via Imaging Resource
January 7: Surprise! Polaroid announced THREE new interchangeable lens cameras today
January 7: Insanity: Fifty-three (53) new digital cameras announced in 2013 so far! [recalc #2]
January 7: New Olympus SH50, SZ16, SZ15 compact-zooms (24x)
January 7: New Olympus TG-2 (starts at f2), TG-830 and TG-630 elementproofs
January 7: Nikon D5200 announced for the US market and it's available for pre-order [updated]
January 7: New Nikon CX J3 and S1 cameras and two zoom CX lenses and waterproof housing
January 7: New Nikon RF camera trigger system for Nikon DSLRs
January 7: New Nikon Coolpix S6500 Wifi 12x compact-zoom (and S2700 too!)
January 7: New Sony Cybershot entry-level and mid-level P&S cameras (and Handycams too)
January 7: Sony launches 20-megapixel 26x superzoom with CCD sensor (H200)
January 7: Sony CES Press Conference happened at 8pm NYC time today
January 7: dpreview posts Fuji X100S and X20 preview double feature
January 7: New Fuji X100S follows up on the X100 with new newer internals
January 7: New Fuji X20 compact with RAW (2/3", 4X optical, new sensor)
January 7: Six new Samsung P&S digital cameras with Wifi (some superzooms, one front LCD)
January 7: New Fuji HS50EXR (42x) and HS35EXR (30x) superzooms with RAW
January 7: New Fuji SL1000 is a 50x superzoom that goes up to 1200mm equivalent (and shoots RAW)
January 7: New Fuji S8500, S8400, S8300 and S8200 superzooms start at 40x and go up by 2x
January 7: New Fuji XP60 waterproof P&S in multiple body colors
January 7: New Fuji T550 and T500 entry-level 12x slim-zooms
January 7: New Panasonic travel zooms: TZ40, TZ37 and TZ35
January 7: New Panasonic entry-level zooms: LZ30, SZ9 and SZ3
January 7: New Panasonic XS1, F5, FS50 compact short-zoom P&S models
January 7: New Panasonic FT5/TS5 and FT25/TS25 elementproof P&S cameras
January 7: Polaroid IM1836 Android-based mirrorless announced (w/10-30 for $400)
January 7: Fuji CES Press Conference was live-blogged at CNet
January 7: Mark your calendars: Engadget live interviews with RED and Polaroid
January 7: Panasonic considering Android for cameras (but implementation at least 1 year away)
January 7: Panasonic CES 2013 Live Press Conference: HDTV picture editing with Pen input on the actual HDTV
January 7: (ERROR, ERROR, ERROR) Adobe offers CS2 online for free (NOT NOT NOT)
January 7: Kodak branded cameras coming from JK Imaging (licensing deal)
January 7: New Pentax Future Concept Product: AF 360 FGZ II external clip-on flash
January 7: Pentax joins the compacts with RAW party with retro-ish MX-1 rawsumer (brass body)
January 7: New Canon KJ20x8.2B KRSD multipurpose 2/3” HD zoom lens for video
January 7: New Canon Powershot A3500 IS, A2600, A1400 and Elph 130 IS
January 7: New Canon Powershot N square wireless small digital camera
January 7: Canon announces four new HF Vixia camcorders
January 7: Pentax Q10 available in 100 different colors (customizable)
January 6: Three Leica video interviews (40 min runtime) from Photokina 2012 available now
January 6: Panasonic GH3 gets a January 30 estimate
January 6: New at CES 2013: Liquid Image Ego Mini action cam, USB 3.0 speeds up, Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses, etc
January 6: Fuji self-leaks X100S and X20 fixed lens cameras (press conference live Monday 3pm NYC time)
January 6: Live Sony CES Press Conference on Monday at 8pm NYC time
January 6: Live Samsung CES Press Conference on Monday at 5pm NYC time
January 5: Opinion Soup: Gear, DIY, Introspection, Business, Learnings, Interviews, Off-Topic, Jobs, etc
January 4: Panasonic CES Press Conference Live Online on Monday at 1pm NYC time
January 4: Pentax Deal contiues: yellow K-01 w/40mm XS for $315 (ended: Panasonic GF5X for $400) [updated]
January 4: Sony Alpha A99 test results now in DxoMark database
January 4: Canon EOS-Mirrorless gets evaluated by Dxomark
January 4: Part II: Cameras of the Year (2012) and The Future [live update in progress]
January 3: Launched Now: CES + PMA 2013 Situation Room and New Cameras of 2013 reference page
January 3: New Samsung NX300 mirrorless camera and 45mm f1.8 3D lens
January 3: Panasonic GH3 shipping for early pre-orderers
January 3: The Full Frame Digest: Sony A99, Canon 6D, Nikon D4, D800E, D600, Pentax too
January 3: The APS-C Digest: ISO, Fuji X-E1, Sony NEX-6, NEX-5R, K-5 II, NX, EoS-m, etc
January 3: The Smaller Sensor Digest (iLC): GH3, G-Lumixes, V2, J2, Q, etc
January 3: The Fixed Lens Camera Digest: RX1, Duels, S110, SX50 HS, P7700, Android Galaxy, etc
January 3: Sony NEX Deal: Free 16mm f2.8 pancake with purchase of select camera kits
January 3: Canon continues to embrace Wifi, new WU10 Wireless Adapter for mobile scanners
January 2: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated (4 camera, 2 lens reviews)
January 2: Polaroid power play continues: Opening Real-World Photo Printing bars (aka Fotobars)
January 2: Picture #49,000 in the Readers Flickr Pool


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