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January 08, 2013

Imaging Resource previews the Fuji X100S and X20

We are working to assemble our customary Trade Floor round-up, but it will probably take 1-2 hours before we are finished. In the meantime, to keep you busy, here are two brand new hands-on reports of two of the most interesting cameras so far at CES + PMA 2013, hands-oned (verb) by Imaging Resource. They have three posts, an overview of the two, and their customary Fuji X100S preview page and Fuji X20 preview page... For more on the new cameras, check our customary Fuji X100S announcement round-up and the Fuji X20 announcement round-up.

Since the X100S generated some buzz + interest, it earned its own Stock Status page. You can find it at the aforelinked page. For your convenience, we have also Javascript-embedded it right below. The Javascript widgets are self-updating, so when we update the source, all of them have the latest information. This is one of the benefits of going the Javascript widget route. But nothing is prefect, people with ad-blocking services may not see them because we are using the AdSpeed professional service for this purpose. Before you complain, please be sure to donate us one working week of your entire IT department so they can custom-build a solution to your liking :)

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